Penpower Inc. Announces the Release of WorldPenScan BT, a Revolutionary Pen Scanner Able to Translate Printed Text with Mac, Windows and Android Devices

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Leading software and product developer Penpower Inc. announces the release of WorldPenScan BT compatible for Mac, Windows and Android devices. WorldPenScan offers the easiest, fastest and most accurate language recognition and translation solution, capable of reading more than 200 languages. Users can scan information on any printed text including books, newspapers, flyers, and magazines wirelessly and easily get them translated into any foreign language on mobile devices, or computer.

WorldPenScan BT eliminates the need to type out translations. Users can quickly scan documents anytime with a word recognition speed of 1 second per line. Bluetooth connection for Android sends scanned data to phones, tablets and devices instantly, allowing information to be translated and shared anywhere.

In addition to providing recognition and sharing services, WorldPenScan BT also supports multiple output formats for quick compositions and text manipulation. It support formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, iWork, email, and browser. Within minutes, users can access and edit the output of their desired format. Shortcut buttons allow for the quick search of scanned data on Google, YouTube and Wikipedia for easy access to subject-related information. The software also saves search history automatically, and offers the ability to create a word database allowing users to continually improve translation efficiency.

“The product is able to remove time consuming steps of translation, while maintaining unmatched levels of speed and accuracy”.

The features intelligent scanner are not only inherently useful for international business, travel and study, but for a number of other industries as well. The Collin’s off-line dictionary is available for in-app purchase and WorldPenScan recognizes bar codes, OCR-A, OCR-B and MICR to apply in banks, libraries, logistics and beyond. The WorldPenScan purchase includes a pen scanner, USB cable, software CD and is currently available for $199.95.

WorldPenScan BT is now available at major online retailer’s like Amazon, NeweggBusiness, Fry’s & TigerDirect with special pricing. Find the best deal and purchase your device soon!

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About Penpower Inc.

Penpower Inc. is a US-based software and product development company dedicated to development in core technologies of intelligent interfaces. Founded in 1991, Penpower specializes in creating progressive hardware and software.


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