PenPower Inc’s WorldCard Enterprise Creates Sustainable Network of Business Contacts

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Developer PenPower Inc. has announced the release of the WorldCard Enterprise Business Card Management System that allows corporate users to scan business cards and store contacts into a secure industry standard database running on their corporate network. Users can store and access cards at any time from their computer or on the go, instantly organizing and recording contact information after each scan.

“Business cards represent potential opportunities and those opportunities lead to business partnerships,” said PenPower Inc. VP William Xu. “A collection of business cards is considered an important company asset which needs to be managed and protected like any other.”

WorldCard Enterprise enables companies to build business contact information platforms from the ground up. Essentially, it scans and captures business card information from each card. From there, it fills in contact information automatically, recognizing name, company, department, job title, etc. and saving hours of paid organizational labor.

To further the security of the contacts, companies can set individual user account and permissions independently. Different departments can be managed separately and certain contacts can have restricted access depending on leadership preferences. Users may also import account IDs and passwords from the Microsoft Active Directory (AD) system, which provides the added convenience of using the same ID and password to log onto WorldCard Enterprise.

Users can also have peace of mind knowing that the information of the cards is not only safe, but also up to date when they need to be accessed. Employees can always add, search for and update contacts as the information will also be updated simultaneously. Also, with universal access through PC, Android and iPhone devices, there are no technological barriers between the company and the clients they need to contact. The inclusion of the “My Favorites” category can assist employees in working more efficiently with quicker access to frequent contacts.

“The program was developed to help companies everywhere create sustainable networks,” said Xu. “Companies with business development personnel, often find that when those employees leave the company their business contacts leave with them. Unfortunately this means that their successors have to start from square one. WorldCard Enterprise ensures that companies won’t miss a beat and new employees can hit the ground running.”

Users can keep in touch with their clients through the app using phone/video call functions, sending SMS or emails via cell phone or even by utilizing a social media quick search by name or email address; all while using WordCard Enterprise.

WorldCard Enterprise also removes language barriers for companies seeking international partnerships. The program has the ability to recognize more than 20 major languages in an effort to help companies become more globalized.

Features Search for contacts using any keyword from the business card See contact’s location on Google Map by just clicking on an address Map out a route to the contact’s address Call the contact just by clicking on the phone number Make notes to record all interactions with the contact. The supervisor can use this feature to monitor subordinates’ activities Send mail to a group of contacts Conduct a search to find each contact on social networks Multi-language recognition

System Requirements

Server: Windows Server 2008 R2 or later MS SQL Server 2008 or later .NET Framework 4.5 or later IIS 7.0 or later

Client: iOS : iOS 6 or later Android : Android 2.3 or later Windows : Windows 8 desktop mode/ 7 / Vista / XP Browser : Safari/Chrome/Firefox/IE 9 or later

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PENPOWER TECHNOLOGY – Founded in 1991 is a world leader and pioneer in providing integrated solutions for Intelligent Human Computer Interface Technologies. It specializes in the development of new and innovative products in the areas of business productivity software, Asian language-based software and mobile electronics and striving to develop core technologies of intelligent, human-machine interfaces since day one. It is our firm belief that technological innovation should narrow the gap between human and machine. PenPower is committed to bringing such technologies to life. PenPower has grown into a group of companies in all the major parts of the world like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and the US to provide locally adapted products and timely responses to meet local demands. PenPower products have not only gained market acceptance but also have won awards from different organizations including government agencies, industry magazines, and trade show hosts and among the best awards PenPower was presented with awards by three Presidents of Taiwan in recognition of its dedication to innovation.


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