People’s Stimulus Package Website Launch: Businessman Believes People Helping People Can Boost Economy

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — Dave Theobald is not waiting for the Federal Stimulus plan to fix the economy. He is taking a more hands-on approach and starting his own. Inspired by the story of Alabama pharmacist Danny Cottrell who handed out $16,000 in $2.00 bills to his employees to spend in the community, Theobald immediately saw a way to do his part. He carried out his own stimulus package with his employees and launched a website to motivate others to do the same.

“I just want to change the discussion about the economy to one of hope and action,” says Theobald, President and CEO of Turman Commercial Painters in Northern California. “In the construction business especially, there has been so much doom and gloom, that when I heard Danny’s story, I was inspired to act.” Theobald decided to give each of his 200 employees $50.00 in $2.00 bills with the only direction they spend the money in the local economy. A note attached to each $2.00 bill invites business owners to do the same. He has given $20,000 so far, and will give the third round next month. Theobald is one of several business owners who were encouraged by the actions of Cottrell. “I liked the fact that with a People’s Stimulus Package you go to the bank, get the $2.00 bills and the money can be circulating in the economy tomorrow. Plus, it is a kick to see the reactions as business people take the $2.00 bills – some have never seen them, and most tills don’t have a place for them – so they do make an impression!”

Imagining the impact of a larger grass roots effort, Theobald created a website His goal is both to encourage others to take part and track the results of the People’s Stimulus Package. The website contains a “Pledge to Help” page with a “How To” section, for companies interested in getting involved with their own Stimulus Package. Prior to launching the website, Theobald contacted Danny Cottrell the Brewton, Alabama Pharmacist whose story had first inspired him. “Danny supported the website and gave me names of other business owners who have completed a Stimulus Package in their community,” says Theobald.

Yesterday, the People’s Stimulus Package site went live, listing eight companies from Alabama to Washington who have put a total of $75,500 into the economy – $2.00 at a time. “This is an undertaking of individual business owners, committing what they can in their communities as a local economic stimulus,” says Theobald. “What we have in common is a desire to act, and the belief that people helping people can make a difference.”

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Susan Doris