Pet Health Solutions Introduces Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews

Union City, California (EastBayDaily) — Pet Health Solutions (PHS), a premier provider of pet supplements, announced today the introduction of “Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews” to their product line. Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews are multi-functional chews that clean dog's teeth, prevent plaque and tartar buildup and freshen breath.

Dogs are susceptible to a multitude of dental diseases like gingivitis, periodontitis, plaque, calculus or tartar buildup, pyorrhea, etc. Therefore brushing is strongly recommended for all pets; however most dogs are averse to brushing and Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews are recommended as a daily dental supplement or on those days when brushing isn’t possible. Dogs also find the poultry flavor of these chews favorable.

Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews contain beef hide, poultry digest, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, primary dried yeast, potassium sorbate, glucose oxidase (Aspergillus Niger), and dried whey protein concentrate. Unlike other chews where the cleaning enzymes are inside the chews, Ora-Clens is actually coated with a special blend of enzymes Lactoperooxidase and Glucose Oxidase so its abrasive texture can start working on the plaque and tartar buildup on a dog’s teeth immediately. These chews come in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes for dogs ranging from 11 – 51 lbs or more.

In addition to Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews, Pet Health Solutions also provides joint supplements for dogs, vitamins, pet food supplements, grooming products, dental products, shampoos and cleansers. These products include Joint MAX Triple Strength®, Vita-Tabs®, Derm Tabs®, Shed-Pro™, Proflora®, Vita-Soothe™ and others.

About Pet Health Solutions:

Pet Health Solutions (PHS)™ has been providing veterinary quality nutritional supplements for companion animals and horses for over 12 years. PHS utilizes premium U.S. made ingredients and regular 3rd party testing with all products to ensure utmost effectiveness in all product formulations. They provide products for pets such as joint support, skin and coat supplements, hygienics and digestive aids that are both innovative and proven beneficial. The success of their product line is driven by their sole focus on quality control and animal wellness. For distribution information, please visit:


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