PhaseLink Corporation Announces Multi-Voltage Outputs, 3-PLLs, 32KHz to 125MHz Programmable Clock

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — PhaseLink Corporation, a leader in frequency source generation and the inventor of Analog Frequency Multiplier (industry’s best performing XO and VCXO clock multiplier ICs), and PicoPLL (world’s smallest and lowest power programmable clocks) today announced the availability of the newest member of PhaseLink’s extensive PicoPLL clock family, PL613-21.

The next generation portable devices incorporate more features than most personal computers, with multiple ICs from various vendors, working at different voltage levels. PhaseLink’s PL613-21 is designed to accommodate the need for varying voltage levels on each clock output, from 1.62V to 3.63V, eliminating the need for a variety of system clock ICs and oscillators, or on-board voltage dividers, to save precious board space and to reduce cost. PL613-21 supports 4 programmable output frequencies ranging from 200Hz to 125MHz, from a reference clock or low-frequency crystal input. The device offers individual Power Down pins to turn off each PLL and its corresponding clock buffer output(s). This allows the user to turn off each PLL/output combination, when not in use, to conserve power. PL613-21 consumes less than 5mA when in operating mode, making it the world’s lowest power consuming 3-PLL clock, and the ideal timing source for handheld and portable applications. Programming also allows selecting between 3 output drives (4mA, 8mA, or 16mA) to further enhance performance for low or high frequency clocks as well as reducing the overall power consumption of the system. The PL613-21 is housed in a 16-pin QFN (3x3x0.8mm) GREEN/RoHS compliant package.

“PL613-21′s varying voltage levels on each clock output, combined with less than 5mA power consumption, wide frequency range, and small form-factor fills an important timing source gap for the handheld, portable, or any application where 32KHz and MHz clocks are required,” said Amir Naghavi, VP of Marketing for PhaseLink Corporation. “Designers can now improve design quality and performance while reducing board space and cost.”

PL613-21 is a member of PhaseLink’s PicoPLL (world’s smallest, lowest power, high performance programmable clock IC) family. PL613-21 meets the performance, voltage, and power consumption requirements of today’s advanced handheld and portable applications such as Personal Navigation Devices (PND), Cell Phones/Smart Phones, and Portable Game units, as well as consumer electronics applications such as Triple Play Modems, FemtoCells, Digital Televisions (DTV), Multi-Function Printers (MFP), Routers and other communication products, or any application where performance, power, space savings, and cost are important.

With a flexible input (Crystal input from 10MHz to 40MHz, Reference Clock input from 10MHz to 200MHz) and wide outputs frequency range (200Hz to 125MHz), the PL613 family has the configurability to meet the most demanding timing requirements. The PL613-21 has three programmable PLLs and up to 4 LVCMOS outputs (one output can be programmed to produce 32KHz signal), all housed in a small 3x3mm QFN package. The flexible architecture of the PL613-21 includes three Power Down pins (PDB), that turn-off each corresponding PLL to conserve power consumption.

PhaseLink’s PL613 Product Family Summary:

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Pricing and Availability The PL613-21 is available for sampling and production use, and is offered in a GREEN/RoHS compliant QFN-16 (3 x 3mm) package, priced at $1.50 in moderate quantities.

About PhaseLink Corporation PhaseLink Corporation is the recognized leader in the mixed signal technology for timing source and signal conditioning ICs, in the area of Communications, Data Storage, Personal Computing, and Consumer Products. An innovator of many first to market products such as Analog Frequency Multipliers, Triangular Modulation SST, PicoPLL (world’s smallest programmable clock), PhaseLink is principally focused on providing high performance Frequency timing (XO, VCXO, EMI Reduction, Programmable Clocks, ZDBs, etc.) clock IC solutions.

Additional information and datasheets can be found at or by calling 510-492-0990.

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