PhaseLink Corporation Announces the Availability of Complete Line of Zero-Delay and Fanout Buffers (1.8V~3.3V, 10 – 220 MHz, 32KHz Buffers, Low Power)


Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — PhaseLink Corporation, a leader in frequency source generation and the inventor of the Analog Frequency Multiplier, PhasorV, and PicoPLL, today announced the availability of the PL123 family of buffers, the newest addition to PhaseLink’s growing portfolio of clock and timing solutions. These new ICs support a wide range of end markets requiring high-speed and low-jitter clock distribution, including servers, switches, routers, set-top boxes, flat-panel displays, memory, and computing applications.

PhaseLink’s new PL123 line of PLL and non-PLL based buffers include devices unique to PhaseLink, as well as multi-sourced industry-standard devices. PhaseLink’s new PL123 line of PLL and non-PLL based buffers includes devices unique to PhaseLink, as well as multi-sourced industry-standard devices. The unique PhaseLink products take advantage of PhaseLink’s competencies in lowest power consumption and smallest footprint to extend support for power supplies from 3.3V down to 1.8V, operate from DC to 220 MHz, and feature the lowest power, package size, jitter, and output-to-output skew in the industry. The multi-sourced products complete the portfolio, and feature the lowest-power available anywhere. Altogether, the PL123 family provides new options for current and next-generation designs, and is competitively priced for market adoption.

“The addition of these nine new products demonstrates PhaseLink’s commitment as a broad-based supplier of timing solutions for a variety of end markets,” said Amir Naghavi, Vice President of Marketing. “With several new products offering improved performance while maintaining backward compatibility with existing sources, designers have more options for solving their most demanding clocking requirements.”

Product Family Summary: PhaseLink’s PL123 family of buffers includes general-purpose ZDB and fan-out buffers (PL123), as well as spread-compatible ZDBs (PL123S-XX), and enhanced-performance ZDBs (PL123E-XX), all fitting industry-standard PCB footprints.

Zero-delay buffers (ZDB) are fan-out buffers without the penalty of propagation delay. Used mainly for clock distribution applications, ZDBs provide the option of advancing or delaying the output clocks with respect to the input clock, based on the output loading used.

Spread-spectrum modulation clocking is often used to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) effects, popularly used in consumer applications to pass strict FCC regulations. Spread-compatible ZDBs have sufficiently high bandwidth to pass spread-spectrum input clocks. Distributing spread-spectrum clocks without using a spread-compatible ZDB may remove desired clock harmonics, resulting in system timing and synchronization problems.

Product Family Summary: (Click here to see table)

Most products support standard (8 mA) and high drive (12 mA) output-buffer drive strengths, and are available in space-saving Green/RoHS compliant packages. In particular, PL123-02N is packaged in a small DFN-6, and is the industry’s first KHz buffer for the handheld market.

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Pricing and Availability The PL123 family of ZDBs are currently available and are competitively priced.

About PhaseLink Corporation: PhaseLink Corporation is the recognized leader in the mixed signal technology for timing source and signal conditioning ICs, in the area of Communications, Data Storage, Personal Computing, and Consumer Products. An innovator of many first to market products such as Analog Frequency Multipliers, Triangular Modulation SST, PicoPLL (world’s smallest programmable clock), PhaseLink is principally focused on providing high performance Frequency timing (XO, VCXO, EMI Reduction, Programmable Clocks, ZDBs, etc.) clock IC solutions.

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