PhatWare Announces PenOffice 3.0 Beta Availability

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces today the beta availability of PenOffice 3.0, a suite of handwriting recognition and collaboration software for Microsoft Windows-based computers and Tablet PCs.

PenOffice has found wide acceptance worldwide among OEMs and end users due to its highly accurate handwriting recognition, easy-to-use user interface, and extended set of pen-based collaboration features. The new version of the application recognizes handwriting in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, and Spanish, and is designed for use with Windows-based desktop, portable, tablet, and ultra-mobile PCs. PenOffice also incorporates features that allow users to add handwritten notes to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, embed control gestures into writing, create handwritten notes, utilize fill-screen drawings, and much more.

While previous versions of PenOffice were available in two editions, English and Multilingual, Version 3.0 includes recognition engines for all supported languages, providing beta testers with access to the complete feature-set.

The top five new features in PenOffice 3.0 include: 1.    Fresh new UI look and feel, with the software entirely redesigned. 2.    Support for Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint markup. 3.    New PenOffice Configuration Manager, which allows users to create custom configurations for handwriting recognition functionality. 4.    New handwriting recognition engine with integrated statistical analyzer, auto-corrector and support for additional languages. 5.    New PenCommander scripting engine and Visual PenCommander IDE. PenCommander allows users to use short handwritten commands that can control a Microsoft Windows-based computer or Tablet PC in almost limitless ways, such as editing documents, inserting often-repeated text into documents, and launching applications.

The beta software is available immediately to consumers for beta testing, and PhatWare welcomes user participation and feedback.

“Our customers have long anticipated the new version of PenOffice which is compatible with Windows Vista and Office 2007 and features improved usability and performance,” said PhatWare President Stan Miasnikov. “We are looking forward to the excellent user feedback we will receive during PenOffice 3.0′s beta testing phase, a key component to our development process.”

PenOffice 3.0 supports Windows XP or later and can work with any pointing input device devices, such as graphic tablet, interactive while board, touch screen monitor, Tablet PC, online digital pen, and even standard computer mouse. To participate in the PenOffice 3.0 Beta Program, visit and follow the instructions on the website. The final release of PenOffice 3.0 is expected at the end of Q3 2008.

About PhatWare: Founded in October 1997, PhatWare Corporation is a leading provider of easy-to-use powerful software products and professional services for the mobile and desktop computing marketplace. PhatWare specializes in handwriting recognition, digital ink, note taking, and database and network management software development. The company exclusively manages development, support and distribution of ParaGraph CalliGrapher and PenOffice handwriting recognition products. PhatWare Corporation is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner and Microsoft Tablet PC Premier Partner. To learn more about PhatWare, visit

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