Phubby Wrist Cell Phone Holder Will Be Demonstrated at Alameda Park Street Art & Wine Faire, CA, Announces

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) —, the leading online retailer of nifty, innovative products as seen on TV, will be demonstrating Phubby the wrist cell phone holder at the Park Street Art & Wine Faire, in Alameda, CA, on July 27th & 28th. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in this live demonstration of Phubby the wrist cubby which enables the wearer to be hands-free, view and operate their cell phones right through the fabric. Cell phones are always handy with Phubby, the wrist cell phone holder. Phubby, the wrist cubby, wrist band phone holder is the solution for keeping the cell phone on the wrist, and being able to operate the cell phone right through the fabric – Phubby is ‘techie’. The Phubby, the wrist cubby, the wrist cell phone holder, showcased online and at Festivals was originally created by Ted Ross and is now the solution for carrying cell phones, including iPhones and Androids, hands-free, at Nifty-Nifty.

"Having sold the Phubby, the wrist cubby, for quite some time," explained Wendy Miller, co-owner of "We're happy that Phubby wrist band cell phone holder will be demonstrated at the Park Street Art & Wine Faire in Alameda so that we can help Consumers have their cell phones at their fingertips. Phubby is ideal for convenience and functionality. We are one of the very few online retailers to offer Phubby the wrist cell phone holder, the solution for carrying cell phones and essentials, on the wrist, with no charge shipping to our Canadian and USA customers. Our zero cost shipping makes us competitive with most coupon offers."

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About the Phubby

Phubby, wrist cubby, the amazing wrist cell phone holder, is the hands-free solution for carrying cell phones and being able to view and operate a cell phone on the wrist. Phubby slips onto the wrist, is sometimes called a Fubby, or a cell phone wristband, and is an ideal cell phone holder which allows the consumer to view and operate their cell phone right through the fabric. Phubby is ideal for runners, for going for a walk, for jogging, for fishing, for hiking, for biking, cycling, on a motorbike, playing an instrument, gardening, cooking, camping, working on a computer, playing sports, traveling, at home – expecting a call, hiking, or going anywhere and wanting to be HANDS-FREE. If in a crowded or noisy place, the consumer will feel the vibration thru the nifty Phubby. Phubby is to carry a cellphone, iPod, credit cards, key on the wrist.

Phubby is the running cell phone holder, the jogging cell phone holder, the hiking cell phone holder, the never miss a call cell phone holder. The consumer slides the nifty Phubby onto the wrist with the ribbon tab under the hand – lift the tab and slide the cell phone into the pocket.  Amazingly they can view and operate the phone without even taking it out of the nifty Phubby.  Imagine that – Phubby is a cell phone holder that attaches to the wrist and lets one carry their cell phone/mobile phone on their wrist and work the cell phone through the breathable, visible fabric and it's comfortable. Just like wearing a watch, after a few minutes they forget they even have it on, until it rings or vibrates, or they need your credit card. Consumers can now free their hands with Phubby a cellphone holder for the wrist. A great hands-free option and a clever way to carry and operate a cell phone/mobile phone – a useful gift idea. Phubby is a functional, practical and unique way to carry a cell phone, iPhone or Android.

You can buy Phubby from Nifty-Nifty. We have free shipping, excellent customer service.

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