Piñata Manufacturer, Fiesta Piñata Predicts the Presidential Election Winner

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — The folks at Fiesta Piñata have thrown their hats into the political frenzy of predicting which candidate will take the White House in 2012. Piñatas aren’t traditionally used to predict presidential campaigns; however, the sales numbers don’t lie. Fiesta Piñata has seen an increase in demand for customized piñatas of both presidential candidates the past month. The Fremont, California based company has seen Mitt Romney taking the lead as receiving the most demand and sales. “The increase in Romney sales tells us he will likely lose. Remember, piñatas are beaten with a bat until they break open. I doubt the folks who purchase these piñatas are supporters of that piñatas likeness. I hope we don’t get in trouble for encouraging a violent act on a presidential candidate. It’s all in good fun” says Fiesta Piñata CEO, Ramon vanMeer.

According to Fiesta Piñata the sales of Mitt Romney piñatas are nearly 80% greater than sales of the Barack Obama piñatas. “We have no dog in the election fight. I’m not partial to either candidate. I will say we have seen an increase in our overall manufacturing over the past few months” says vanMeer. In 2008 Fiesta Pinata predicted an Obama win due to a steady stream of John McCain pinata sales.

Fiesta Piñata receives countless odd requests for custom pinatas on a daily basis. Van Meer says divorce parties are a popular celebration he has noticed in the past year. “We have recently divorced customers wanting a likeness of their ex. I guess it’s a way for them to get closure, but also to make fun of a bad situation. We’ve seen every request you can think of” he says. Van Meer also adds that none of these presidential piñatas are being used for protest purposes or anti Romney or Obama rallies. “They are simply a fun way for people to express their political views. If you think about it, this whole political process is kind of a circus” van Meer concludes.

Fiesta Piñata specializes in the manufacturing of custom and wholesale piñatas and produces thousands of piñatas a year. Every piñata is made to order and shipped all over the U.S and Canada. For more information about Fiesta Piñata, visit their site at http://www.fiestapinata.com


Ramon van Meer
Fiesta Pinata