PicsArt, The #1 Photo App for Android, Launches PicsArt3

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — PicsArt, Inc (, the world’s most popular mobile photography app for Android phones, today announced the launch of PicsArt3, the largest product upgrade since the brand launched 9 months ago. Already the undisputed photography app leader on Android, PicsArt3 further secures PicsArt’s place as the world’s favorite Android-based mobile photo app.

In development for months, PicsArt3 is a fundamental redesign that is focused on preparing the platform for the next stage of even faster growth. PicsArt3 focuses on four core areas:     A radically new, simplified, and far more user-friendly interface. PicsArt3 is a modern interface, optimized for Android 4.0 and designed to keep the user experience clean, simple, and intuitive.

    A redesigned backend built from the ground up. The new backend is designed not only to support the massive loads that will come as PicsArt continues it’s rapid growth, but also all of the new features that are coming in the months to come. Built for speed, it will keep the user experience seamless.

    A massively expanded approach to social networking. Whereas in the past, social networking was just one of many features in the PicsArt universe, with PicsArt3 it has become a first-class citizen. Now, the UI and system architecture are designed around making the entire PicsArt experience a social one.

    New product features and improvements. While there are several new features and more on the way soon, one of the most exciting in PicsArt3 is Blending. With the new blending feature, PicsArt users can blend photos with other photos and clipart with photos to create truly stunning images.

Said Arto Mehrabyan, PicsArt’s co-founder and CTO, “This isn’t just some prettier wrapping on the same package – this is a fundamentally redesigned an reimagined PicsArt. We’ve kept everything everyone loves about PicsArt but made it more faster, easier to use, more social, and ready for all of the new features we’ve got coming down the pipe.”

PicsArt differs from other mobile photography apps in that it is full-featured, yet free. With over 110,000 downloads per day, what makes PicsArt so incredibly popular is its combination of the best that Photoshop and Instagram have to offer, all in a mobile app. While it is loaded with more features than comparable for-pay, professional-grade mobile photo apps, PicsArt delivers everything in a package that is incredibly simple and easy-to-use.

According to Lusine Harutyunyan, PicsArt’s Product Design Head, “We’ve taken a risk here. We’ve already got a rabidly fanatical user base. At present, with over 300,000 reviews on Google’s Play, we have an average rating of 4.7, which is about as high as they come. But we knew that we could do even better, and so with PicsArt3 we’ve re-envisioned the entire PicsArt experience from scratch. We think our users are going to love us even more for it.”

About PicsArt

A division of SocialIn based in Mountain View, CA, PicsArt was born out of a sheer frustration that no free photo app seemed to have a robust feature set. When it launched in November 2011, there were lots of great one- or two-tool apps, but there wasn’t a single free app that was putting everything a photographer could ever want in one place.

PicsArt remedied this problem and today, just 9 short months later, PicsArt dominates the Android market for photography. PicsArt consistently ranks in the top 50 free apps from Google’s Play store, and with over 20,000,000 downloads and growing at over 3 million downloads per month, PicsArt’s development has only just begun.

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Matt Bartelsian
PicsArt, Inc.

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