Pilates in Oakland One-on-One Sessions 40% Off at Brooklyn Academy Roots in Jack London Square

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Pilates in Oakland at Brooklyn Academy Roots specializes in injury rehabilitation in Oakland, addresses and fixes muscle imbalances and teaches proper functional movement. The pilates reformer is a simple and effective way to lengthen muscles and strengthen the core.

Boutique fitness studio, Brooklyn Academy Roots, is offering a 40% off deal for one-on-one sessions on the pilates reformer in Jack London Square until the end of March. New clients can get 5 sessions for $360 and 10 sessions for $690. This deal is not valid with any other promotion.

Pilates in Oakland is a great way to learn body awareness and have a hard, yet relaxing workout. Exercising on the pilates reformer is the perfect alternative for those who prefer not to exercise in a gym setting. Pilates creates a stable and strong core that can heal and eliminate knee and lower back pain.

In addition to pilates one-on-one sessions in Jack London Square, Brooklyn Academy Roots offers 8 classes a week in TRX, martial arts, self-defense and conditioning. Holistic nutrition appointments are available for weight loss, food sensitivities and hormonal balance.


Mindy Berla
Brooklyn Academy Roots LLC

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