Pipe Bursting Manufacturer, TRIC Tools, Joined Nexstar’s 35 Annual Supermeeting

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Pipe Bursting Manufacturer, TRIC Tools Inc., participated in its 4th Nexstar Super Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ. This was Nexstar's 35th Annual Supermeeting. TRIC was one of 144 strategic vendors who participated in the conference during September 17th through the 19th. Jay Battin, TRIC's Sales Executive, magically appeared for TRIC at the conference. Nexstar focuses their efforts on helping their members develop the best and sound business practices in the plumbing industry. Gopi Kallayil, Google Brand Evangelist and Scott Stratten of UnMarketing were the keynote speakers at the event.

419 Nexstar Members were in attendance at the event to learn, grow their business and have fun together. There were 30 breakout sessions for members at the event and over $180,000 was raised for the Nexstar Legacy Foundation. “The mission of the foundation is to provide mini-scholarships to employees of plumbing, HVAC and electrical service industry companies for short term trainings or certifications that enhance their skills in the industry,” states Nexstar.

TRIC’s Mr. Battin was excited to meet with Nexstar's members at the conference. "I always enjoy meeting new people at these Nexstar events and teaching 'newbies' about our 1st-class pipe bursting technology,” said Battin. “After seeing the success of The Trenchless Company, I’m always excited to help other Nexstar members find success with our tools in the trenchless industry,” Battin continued. TRIC exhibited its lateral pipe bursting equipment innovations and continued improvements with members at the conference. TRIC’s improved the 13HP 5,000 psi pump that has been key to keeping a small footprint in its product line. TRIC is eagerly anticipating new technological improvements in its product line as 2015 rapidly approaches.

For more information about Trenchless Pipe Bursting equipment or the Trenchless Industry in general – please call 888-883-8742 or visit TRIC's website at http://www.trictrenchless.com to see how they can answer any of these questions for you. Get your Trenchless Sewer and Water Replacement service off on the right foot, one lateral at a time.


Michael Lien


Michael Lien