Pipe Bursting Manufacturer, TRIC Tools, Kicked off Spring with Three Key California PHCC Trade Shows

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — California Pipe Bursting Manufacturer TRIC Tools enjoys supporting its customers. One of the organizations that TRIC works closely with is the California Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors (PHCC). The PHCC Association gives Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration (HVACR) contractors the resources they need to be the best and to continually improve their services. While at these events, TRIC educates itself to the challenges these PHCC contractors face.

While kicking off the busy spring trade show season, TRIC debuted its latest innovations at the 40th Annual Great Los Angeles PHCC Flow Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center on Saturday, March 21st. The event was held from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm where TRIC showcased its brand new Municipal Pipe Bursting Service Delivery Vehicle and 6000 psi 13 Horse Power High Flow Pump. CEO Ward Carter was exuberant about the vehicle's capabilities. Carter explained, "This Pipe Bursting package allows the contractor to take all of the 'back breaking' activities out of the large diameter pipe bursting projects." He continued, "By adding an automatic cable reeler for cable management and a boom crane to drop the M100 into the pulling pit, TRIC allows the contractor to replace 300 to 600 feet of 8 inch or larger pipe in a day. Carter concluded, "We added high pressure water tanks to the hydraulic pump so you can clean the equipment on the job site, as it comes out of the pulling pit, the equipment goes home as clean as it arrived on the job site."

Approximatey 3000 attendees were at the day long event. During the Flow Expo, TRIC’s Ward Carter joined Julio Jaime of Roto Rooter on the Trenchless Technology Panel to discuss some of the changes and challenges of trenchless pipe bursting. In 1997, Mr. Jaime helped arrange TRIC’s first pipe bursting demonstration in Southern California at the USC Chancellor’s house in Los Angeles. While there, Ward Carter replaced a 150 foot sewer lateral for the University. Ever since then, TRIC has been making a regular sojourn to Southern California. Also joining Mr. Carter at the event were R&D/Product Development Specialist Dave Crafts, Field Trainer Jose Moreno, and Assistant Manager Laura Servin. The Flow Expo is one of the highlights of the year for TRIC where they roll out their latest product innovations.

On April 17, 2015, TRIC rolled out more magic at the Sacramento Valley’s 16th Annual PHCC Trade Show at Northern California’s Thunder Valley Casino & Resort. Sales Executive and “chief magician” Jay Battin along with Field Trainer Jose Moreno represented TRIC with its X30 Pipe Bursting system. The X30 has been a winning number for many of TRIC’s clients. With its small carbon footprint and powerful pulling capacity this has been a popular choice for replacing both water and sewer pipelines for residential contractors across North America.

On April 21st of the following week Mr. Battin and Mr. Moreno represented TRIC for the 36th Annual Northern California PHCC Expo at Pleasanton’s Alameda County Fairgrounds. Jay Battin remarked, “It was great to see so many familiar faces at these events.” The X30 Pipe Bursting system was also on display with some of TRIC’s smaller Water replacement tools. “Being that we are in the 2nd year of a severe drought we are all doing our best to help the contractors meet the need of conserving water,” continued Battin.

For more information about Trenchless Pipe Bursting equipment or the Trenchless Industry in general – please call 888-883-8742 or visit TRIC's website at: http://www.trictrenchless.com to see how they can answer any of these questions for you. Get your Trenchless Sewer and Water Replacement service off on the right foot, and help get you profitably pipe bursting.


Michael Lien


Michael Lien