Pipe Bursting Manufacturer, TRIC Tools Participates in NASSCO’s Annual Meeting at Hawk’s Cay Resort in Duck Key, Florida, February 13 – 16, 2013

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — TRIC Tools, Inc., a Pipe Bursting Technology Manufacturing company, participated in NASSCO's 37th Annual meeting at Duck Key, Florida. At the meeting, Michael Lien, TRIC's Director of Operations' attended the Sewer Lateral and International Pipe Bursting Association (IPBA) Committee meetings.

Nassco Chairman, Ted DeBoda, remarked, "The NASSCO Conference was one of its best attended events in its history." Part of the excitement of the conference is the increasing number of industry trainings being offered by NASSCO and its trainers through its Certified Training programs for Lateral and Manhole Inspectors and Waste Water rehabilitation professionals. TRIC is excited to take part in the planning for NASSCO's Pipe Bursting Training Certification Program.

The Annual Meeting focused on the 2013-14 Budget Plan, Board Meetings and the latest technical presentations dedicated to the industry. Some of the other highlights to the meeting were the growing interest in NASSCO Certification in Latin and South America. Luis Leon of CDM-Smith and Diego Calderon of NASSCO completed a successful Certification Program in Bogata, Columbia. The number of attendees doubled by the time the Certification Program began moving from 10 to 22. Attendees were interested in applying NASSCO's procedures with its rehabilitation programs. South America has been using underground cameras and other inspection tools for a number of years to analyze its underground infrastructure.

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Michael Lien
Tric Tools, Inc.

Michael Lien
TRIC Tools, Inc.

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