Pivos XIOS DS Media Play Just Gone Complete “Frodo”!

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Pivos Technology Group, Inc., a global pioneer in media peripherals and embedded technologies today announced the immediate availability of XBMC12 Frodo RC to its "Supercharged" XIOS DS Media Play!

Under months of preparation and development, XBMC 12 Frodo RC release will debut on the popular XIOS DS Media Play! in both Android and Linux firmware. Co-developed with the XBMC foundation, this highly anticipated upgrade included significant amount of improvements and hundreds of new feature sets.

"This is the first major release of XBMC that runs on Android™ platform. It is no thin client or scaled down version, but the entire XBMC experience on the Android powered XIOS DS Media Play", said Cory Fields, Director of Technical Marketing. "The new XBMC 12 Frodo RC brought significant amount of changes over its predecessor. One of which is the new PVR (Personal Video Recording) feature. XBMC can now be used to schedule, record, and watch your favorite Live TV shows (additional hardware required). Rather than reinventing the wheel with another recording application, we've tuned it to work with existing applications to handle all the recording and playback right through the popular 10-foot experience with support extending to applications such as MythTV, TVHeadend, MediaPortal, VDR, and many more."

Among the changes, XBMC now featuring its very own audio subsystem, which offers support full range of audio formats including (optional) DTS-MA™ and Dolby TrueHD™. It aims to perfectly up-mix, down-mix or pass-through audio in every possible configuration, while maintaining the highest possible sound fidelity.

A completely overhauled API for third-party apps based on JSON that allows for incredible amounts of interaction with XBMC. Improved support for wireless content streaming such as AirPlay® and AirTunes® support

Concurrently, Pivos will also be shipping the new supercharged XIOS DS media Play World Wide with upgraded hardware and software modifications for the new XBMC 12 Frodo The combination of the two makes it one of the most powerful media center available to market.

About Pivos Pivos Technology Group, Inc. is a global pioneer in media peripherals and embedded technologies founded by a group of industrial veteran and renowned platform developers in Fremont, California. We set to challenge the curve of our conversation with today's technology to breathe innovation, performance, creativity and human engineering. With over decades of combined industrial experiences and award winning development team, our company is committed to provide a full line of embedded digital solutions where computing technology joins today's rich internet contents. Our solutions focus on IPTV STB/ OTT, Internet Video Streaming, VOD, multimedia playback, and digital display technologies. Partnered with the worlds leading embedded manufactures, our platform is an ideal solution for today's demanding consumer and commercial technology. With development professionals World Wide, we thrive to deliver the latest human technology products to every corner of the world.

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