Pixami Announces School Photo Storefront Add-on to It’s Online Yearbook Software

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Pixami, the leading provider of consumer photo and school yearbook software, today announced an innovative new product designed to help schools drive revenue from personalized photo products. The product, named Pixami’s School Photo Storefront, is an add-on to its web-based Yearbook software that gives schools the ability to sell personalized photo products including photobooks, greeting cards, calendars, posters and more.

Pixami is a pioneer in the consumer photobook market, and has licensed it’s Photo Site product to some of the largest names in the business for nearly 15 years. Pixami’s Yearbook Edition, launched in 2012, provides the extreme ease-of-use Pixami perfected in the consumer market, with a broad selection of yearbook-specific features and creative tools. Pixami’s new School Photo Storefront (SPS) combines the best of both products, allowing schools to easily set up and manage a sophisticated, full-featured online photo store.

Highlights of the SPS solution include a custom-branded storefront for the school, with the ability for students to view and order yearbooks, and to create their own personalized yearbook pages with their favorite photos and text. In addition, students can create and order all types of other school-branded products including photobooks, greeting cards, calendars, posters, cell phone cases, notebooks, keychains and more!

Users can upload their own photos, retrieve photos from Facebook, and even choose from a selection of photos provided by the school, including candid Yearbook outtakes, for their custom products. The software is fun and easy to use, and contains a full set of creative editing tools. Finished products can be shared with friends and family via email or on Facebook.

According to Gary Wood, Pixami’s VP Sales and Marketing, “Schools are very excited about Pixami’s online model for creating and selling their yearbooks. Custom photo products are a natural extension, and provide an enormous, year-round opportunity for schools to generate more revenue, while also promoting school spirit with a fun and relevant platform!”

He added, “The best part is that the SPS software also allows schools to create and sell products as fundraisers. For example, a marching band can create a photo book documenting a competition, a football team can create a poster with the season’s highlights, or an administrator can create a school spirit calendar complete with important dates. All of these products can be posted on the site for sale, with proceeds used as fundraising for these activities!”

Pixami’s School Photo Storefront will be available in August for the 2013-2014 school year, with licensing primarily to Yearbook companies and digital printing companies serving the school yearbook business.

About Pixami Founded in 1999 and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pixami is the leading provider of online software for the creation of custom photo products including photobooks, greeting cards, calendars, posters, mugs, mousepads and other photo gifts.

Pixami’s primary business is the licensing of a white-label, customizable software product called ‘Photo Site’ for large scale B2B and B2C opportunities. The software is a complete, turnkey platform that allows Pixami customers to sell custom photo-based products including books, cards, calendars, mugs, mousepads, etc.

In addition, Pixami launched its Yearbook Edition software in 2012. This software is based on the Pixami Photo Site platform, with a wealth of yearbook-specific features including management of school portraits the PSPA standard, collaboration and teacher approval, and user development of custom yearbook pages.

Pixami has a worldwide customer base driving hundreds of live sites, including some of the largest sites in the US and Canada. The company’s web site is located at http://www.pixami.com


Gary Wood
Pixami. Inc.