Pixazza Enables Images at Rate of 1 Billion Image Views Per Year

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Pixazza, Inc., a new internet service which turns static images into engaging content while generating incremental income for web publishers, announced that just two months after launch it is already enabling images at a rate of one billion image views per year. Just as page views are commonly used to measure web site traffic, Pixazza tracks image views, which count the number of times a web publisher serves a Pixazza-enabled image. The number of fashion and celebrity web sites featuring Pixazza-enabled images also continues to grow, with Celebuzz, JustJared, JustJaredJr, Imnotobsessed, TheHollywoodGossip, LaineyGossip and SocialLiteLife now providing visitors with information about products that catch their eye.

“Google’s AdSense does a remarkable job of helping web publishers by providing ads relevant to the text on their pages. Pixazza’s goal is to provide ads relevant to the images on their pages,” said Bob Lisbonne, CEO of Pixazza. “The early momentum for our service demonstrates that publishers are embracing this new opportunity to engage their audience and generate incremental revenue.”

Developed by technologists from Netscape and LiveOps who pioneered leading open source and crowdsourcing technologies, Pixazza is powered by a load balanced, cached, redundant and highly scalable platform. To use it, publishers simply add a single line of javascript to their web pages. There are no data feeds to add, special mark ups or integration required, and no additional screen real estate is needed. Publishers continue to license, store, and host their own images. To achieve scale and handle complex work and image analysis, Pixazza’s platform utilizes its proprietary crowdsourcing technology which engages product experts from around the country to drive the product selection process. Each individual identifies, tags and matches products found within online images and then links them back to the inventories of Pixazza’s network of advertisers.

To use Pixazza, consumers simply move their mouse over an image posted to participating sites. The motion instantly reveals information and pricing about a selection of products similar in look and style to the one that caught their attention. One click on any item brings them directly to the product page of an associated advertiser to learn more and make a purchase.

Pixazza is currently working with a number of fashion-related publishers and apparel advertisers. In the future, the company plans to expand into other categories, including interior design/home furnishings, travel, consumer electronics, and sports. Advertisers interested in learning about Pixazza’s growing portfolio of advertising programs can contact the company at advertisers (at) pixazza.com.

About Pixazza Founded in 2008, Pixazza, Inc. provides an internet service which turns static images into engaging content, while generating incremental income for web publishers. Pixazza enables consumers to simply mouse over images on their favorite web sites to learn more and see related products. Pixazza is a private company funded by August Capital, CMEA Capital, and Google Ventures, with offices in Mountain View, CA. For more information, visit http://www.pixazza.com .

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Jody Kramer
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