Plain Jane Beauty Introduces Sheer, a Vegan and Gluten-Free Translucent Finishing Powder

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Just in time for the warm summer months, Plain Jane Beauty is proud to introduce, Sheer, a vegan and gluten-free translucent makeup powder.

“There are two types of women who will love Sheer– those who prefer a very natural look with no foundation, yet appreciate a sheer powder to diffuse any unwanted shine, and those who wear it over their foundation to provide a flawless, natural finish,” says Plain Jane Beauty CEO, Lake Louise. “It's also a must for any makeup artist's toolkit.”

The unique combination of ingredients diffuses light as it hits the skin, creating a “soft focus” effect that visibly smooths the appearance of the skin and minimizes fine lines. Because it’s sheer and translucent, it looks natural and never cakey or powdery. It doesn’t contain talc, bismuth or petroleum-derived ingredients that many feel are not good for the skin and can clog pores.

This powder will become the BFF of every woman's cosmetic bag. Consider this sheer setting powder, slow motion moments in a jar! People always look fabulous in slow motion. And Plain Jane Beauty’s Sheer Setting Powder will give you a reason to have many fabulous slow motion moments. It blends in well and feels light and airy on the skin and behaves in all types of climates. With the handy sifter top, no woman will waste any of this precious product.

All skin types can find this new all-natural formula for purchase at

About Plain Jane Beauty:

An SMB Essentials brand, Plain Jane Beauty is an affordable mineral cosmetics line for all skin types, shades and tones that uses natural and organic ingredients for a balanced and radiant looking complexion. Created by Lake Louise in 2010, Louise combines her passion for the environment and love for makeup creating a wide range of products like color correctors, foundations, shadows, blushes, and more for the eco-conscious woman.

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