Plea to Christians for Financial Partnership Issued by Washington, DC’s Save America Gathering as October 20, 2012 Sacred Assembly Rapidly Approaches

Martinez, California (EastBayDaily) —

"We have come this far by faith. We have been poured out, like a drink offering!" This from Robert Berry, one of the principal planners of the historic Save America Gathering, to be held on the National Mall in Washington, DC, October 20, 2012, from 8 am to 9 pm. Berry was speaking about the fact that virtually all expenses for the event to date have been covered by the planners out of pocket. "We have emptied ourselves out, on faith, believing what God has called us to do. We know from history that it is often only a remnant of God's people who hear from Him. We have proceeded anyway, on faith, because God is good, and He deserves us to make the supreme effort to satisfy His will by gathering His Church, in unity, for His good purpose."

Those making plans to join hands with the cause and attend the Save America Gathering are urged to register at While the event is free, organizers must know how many are coming. Along with registrations, volunteers are also needed. These include: staging, lighting and sound personnel; video and audio recorders; “green room” staff; trash collectors and grounds clean-up staff; first-aid station personnel, including off-duty doctors, nurses, CNA's, PA's, and other clinical staff; information station persons; crowd monitors; and off-duty police officers. Those who volunteer their services are partnering with Save America in a different way, by reducing the cost of hiring these personnel. Willing workers should indicate their availability when they register.

View the following videos for more information about the gathering:,

Berry went on, "This gathering is calling America back to its Godly purpose. We cannot be the nation we are supposed to be in the world unless we adhere to the principles upon which we were founded. The Save America Gathering has heard the call of God for His people to join in a Joel 2 sacred assembly, coming before Him in humility and repentance and crying out for His mercy on our land for how we have gone astray.” Berry also recounted plans for the all-day event to pray blessing over those in authority, to reaffirm America’s original covenant relationships, to honor and stand with Israel, and to bless young people by acknowledging the generational transfer of spiritual authority.

Organizers believe the nation is in a crucial season when believers who accept the Word of God must come together, as God's people, to deal with America's issues scripturally.

Berry continued his spirited explanation. "We challenge the Christian community to act now, in maturity and faith. Some people ask, ’Why isn't a big leader doing this?’ Because they are busy with the big ministries they are running, clearly. Others question, ’Who are these people?’ We are God's servants, called to do a monumental thing, for His glory! Others scoff, ’This is mission impossible!’ But the scriptures say all things are possible with God—and this is surely a Kingdom work! The Word says we will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us, and we will be His witnesses. We would all be considered fools in the world, and we probably are," Berry laughed. "But such is the way for servants of God, even His Son. Remember, Jesus—Yeshua—came to us in the fullness of God's timing."

“It is now time to change, scripturally, the course of this nation,” Berry continued. “The physical signs of calamity are apparent. The land is largely in drought. Earthquakes struck both places where our nation was founded. A tropical storm and another great tempest struck both places where our nation was founded. The aircraft on 9-11 struck the seats of our power in both New York City and Washington, DC. The hand of God is upraised!" he declared.

"We challenge Christian businesses to sow into this project and take advantage of the tax breaks before the end of the year. See if you can be all in, or at least make a significant donation. Don’t forget, the Save America Gathering is operating under a 501c3 nonprofit association!" Berry emphasized.

Warming up, the retired Army Captain went on: "We challenge our Christian and Messianic Jewish brothers and sisters to partner with us and with God in the restoration of the land. Give what you can, if you believe in God's plan for America, and if you believe in addressing lostness in the world. I am trying to speak to your heart. Do you love God? Do you love the United States of America?”


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