Plextor and Maingear Announce Strategic Partnership

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Plextor, leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital storage devices, and Maingear, leading custom designer of high performance PC systems, have announced a strategic partnership.

Plextor is currently center stage with their ultrafast SSD technology. This makes for a perfect match with Maingear that has a sterling reputation for award winning custom PC systems that are individually tuned for peak performance.

Plextor and Maingear featured a collaborative exhibit at last month's E3—the annual gaming expo held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The 2013 show was attended by upwards of 50,000 gaming enthusiasts.

Plextor and Maingear caught the crowd's attention with their exhibit featuring a Maingear RAID 0 computer equipped with four 128GB Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme Solid State Drives. As a post-E3 grand finale, Plextor gave away the Maingear computer in a drawing facilitated by PC Gamer.

Maingear was impressed—if not amazed—by the increased performance of their PC equipped with Plextor SSDs. They were fascinated enough to choose Plextor as their main supplier for SSDs.

Wallace Santos, CEO and founder of Maingear computers commented: "Maingear custom desktop and notebooks wouldn’t be complete without offering one of the best hard drive solutions available. With Plextor solid state drives offering Super RAID, our customers can build a system with more than enough speed and space to fit their games, movies, and music with room to spare."

Maingear's custom gaming PC's are known to be among the fastest and most reliable in the industry. This makes for a perfect fit and strong partnership since Plextor's SSDs are also known for extraordinary speed and quantity.

In fact, Plextor's M5 Pro Xtreme SSD is the first true professional SSD to reach the milestone of 100,000 IOPS random-read speeds. The drive also features Plextor's True Speed technology (developed by Plextor's firmware team) preventing SSD speed drops and automatically returning performance to like-new speeds. The M5 Pro Xtreme has an MTBF (mean time between failures) of 2.4 million hours. This ranks as the highest level of reliability in the industry.

"We are extremely proud to work closely with Maingear to bring consumers an enhanced gaming experience," said Darlo Perez, Managing Director of Plextor Americas. "Plextor SSDs are targeted for advanced users who demand high-performance and our products are extremely fast, reliable, and stable, which makes it suitable with Maingear's custom PC systems."

Maingear has an array of Editor's Choice awards to corroborate their reputation as developers of the best gaming desktop computers available. Their innovative high performance gaming computers can handle the latest and most demanding games with ease. The Maingear customer is given the design option of overclocked, water cooled, or three-way SLI configurations for the ultimate gaming rig.

Maingear's signature luxury paint jobs are also a pretty nifty customer option. Their New Jersey facility actually boasts a downdraft paint booth where they coat the exterior of their custom gaming rigs with glossy Glasurit paint (that's the same paint used by Porsche and BMW).

In summary, when you put a Plextor SSD in a Maingear rig, you have extreme speed, massive throughput, and fault tolerant performance that will suit the performance and the aesthetic needs of the world's most serious gamers.

About Plextor

Plextor is a world-leading developer of solid-state drives, Blu-ray optical disc drives, and other high-performance digital storage devices for professionals, consumers, and enterprises. Since the company launched its first CD-ROM drive in 1989, Plextor’s prestigious multi–award-winning products have set the standard for quality and high performance. Plextor will continue to deliver new generations of products based on our core values of market-leading innovation, unequalled quality, complete service, and our belief that users should have full confidence in the performance and stability of the equipment we supply. The Plextor brand of storage and multimedia products is owned by Shinano Kenshi of Japan. For more information visit:

About Maingear

Maingear is an innovative high performance PC system builder that offers custom desktops, custom notebooks, and workstations. Each custom built PC is hand crafted for precision performance and uncompromised quality, and has won multiple Editors' Choice awards from publications such as Hot Hardware, PC World, Maximum PC, Computer Shopper and more. With a passion to build the best high performance computers, MAINGEAR will continue to set the standard among custom PC builders. Maingear's expert team custom builds and supports all products in the United States. For more information visit:


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