Plimus Raises the Bar for Quality in Online Commerce

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Plimus, the leader in online commerce, announced today, as part of their frictionless commerce initiative, a new quality program to increase the levels of transparency and accountability of vendors represented on the Plimus e-Commerce platform.    

The program focuses on the recognition that digital product quality and marketing practices are as important a factor in the online customer experience and consumer satisfaction as a simple frictionless shopping experience or a secure checkout process. The new program focuses on the actual digital products and online marketing practices of vendors. It reviews with vendors their business practices and transaction histories with the goal of working with them to ensure that products sold through the Plimus platform meet business and industry standards. Accounts are selected in cooperation with Plimus partner card association underwriters and payment processors and are accomplished within a 30-day window.

Said Hagai Tal, CEO of Plimus, “Payment processing is really just a long line of trust: each player in the chain must trust those both up- and down-stream in order to agree to complete a transaction. As a leader in the industry, we are continually seeking to firm up our processes to ensure with 100% confidence that consumers are being handled properly, and that there’s nothing misleading going on at any stage of the game. This program is necessary for the long-term health and stability of the whole industry and for the continued success of the many excellent vendors selling their products through Plimus.”

For over a decade, Plimus has led the revolution to improve online close rates and average order values for our online vendors with technological enhancements that create a frictionless online shopping experience for digital goods. It is a basic premise of virtual economics that with digital goods, any improvement in close rates and average order value goes right to the bottom line. As the market expands and matures, business norms and standards are changing and consumer expectations are evolving. The integrity of the industry requires that vendors, affiliates and payment platforms alike adjust their business practices and focus on the quality of the products sold online. This new Plimus quality program meets these needs and sets new standards for quality in the industry.

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Media Contact: Allison DeLeo
Racepoint Group for Plimus