Predictions for 2009 by World Renown AstroNumerologist and Author Jesse Kalsi

Newark, California (EastBayDaily) — AstroNumerologist Jesse Kalsi is offering key predictions for the upcoming year of 2009. His current book, The Power of Home Numbers, is available for sale for a special price of $19.99 (including shipping and handling in the U.S.). His upcoming book, The Phenomenon of Sports and Numbers is also coming soon. Jesse also offers personal, professional, and commercial readings in person, by phone, or by e-mail.

Jesse Kalsi’s mission is to promote harmony and prosperity in the world. As a successful real estate broker by trade, Jesse uses AstroNumerology, which combines his Eastern upbringing and his Western experience to bring awareness and understanding through Jesse’s knowledge of numbers and planetary energy. This skill set has only aided him in his line of business. Jesse’s clients include prominent business people and extremely successful communications and entertainment companies. He works with personal, residential, business, political, sports and relationship AstroNumerology.

Jesse appears regularly on many radio and television shows in North America, and his unique perspective on numerology keeps call lines lit up. He is a regular guest on KGO AM810 in San Francisco, CBS Radio, X-Zone Radio, and the Gregory Mantell show, as well other media sources, including ESPN Magazine, and much more, analyzing hot topics of today and tomorrow. When there is a hot topic, Jesse covers it with his expertise in AstroNumerology.

The course of Jesse Kalsi’s life changed in a moment on the Jammu-KashmirLine of Control while serving in the military when a Voice told him to stop what he was doing and look elsewhere. He has developed a unique version of Eastern Numerology that has helped improve the lives of thousands of people over the past 20 years. Jesse’s unique perspective on Numerology, coupled by his charming delivery, amazes audiences. Many say that he heals through his numbers.

Jesse received his Bachelor’s Degree in India and holds an LLM in International Legal Studies from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California. Jesse Kalsi is also a Certified Flight Instructor and holds a commercial pilot’s license. Jesse’s home with his wife and two children is AstroNumerologically balanced. Jesse is author of “The Power of Home Numbers” and his upcoming book, “The Phenomenon of Sports and Numbers”.


Karen Kalsi, Public Relations Director
Jesse Kalsi, Inc.