Professional Tax Firm CTR Announces New Federal And State Debt Relief Programs

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — CTR’s Norco tax attorney is taking steps to strengthen its tax services across the board this year. One area in which the company has put a lot of focus is in tax debt relief programs. The old strategies employed by CTR’s tax experts were centered on debt relief without enough thought to an individual’s complete financial health. The company’s new federal and state tax debt relief services are more comprehensive, ensuring that clients have the tools needed to remain compliant with future tax returns and manage their finances in years to come.

CTR has set up a 2 phase procedure for tax professionals like North Las Vegas tax attorney to learn as much as possible about a client so that a proper recommendation can be made, and then each tax debt expert can follow up with an individual to guarantee successful completion of the tax debt settlement. The first phase involves a 4-step investigation which varies based on specific state tax debt solutions. The second phase is the submittal to the appropriate tax agency.

“Tax debt is different for every person, and no two solutions will be identical. We spend a lot of time on the investigation so that our clients can receive a solution that fits them perfectly. Tax debt specialists like our Oakland tax lawyer determine the success of our clients’ tax debt resolutions by their ability to look at an individual’s situation and choose the right plan,” said a CTR representative.

CTR has set up the investigation process to include both a client’s personal records that have been kept and the IRS’ Master File. This combination provides a complete picture of a taxpayer’s finances. With a thorough understanding of the tax debt scenario, one of CTR’s tax debt specialists can point their client to a solution that will provide the easiest method of IRS or state debt settlement.

CTR’s tax debt lawyers like Oklahoma City tax attorney will finish the relief process with a submitted proposal. At this point, all necessary forms and paperwork are given to the proper tax agency alongside the settlement agreement. While it is up to the recipients of the proposal to approve or deny the program, CTR’s tax debt relief program has received positive reviews for its simplicity and success rate.

CTR offers tax debt resolution and tax services for individuals and businesses across the United States. The company uses a three step program to create personalized strategies to help taxpayers settle their IRS debt. The company offers many services, including: state and federal tax debt resolution, IRS audit defense, tax preparation and bookkeeping.


Henry Johnson