Prosoft Engineering Announces MediaTools Wipe – Professional Secure Erase Software Now Available through Ingram Micro and Amazon on a USB Keychain Drive

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — MediaTools Wipe leads the industry in performance with its ability to offer complex, multi-level, secure erase functions (including DoD wipes) simultaneously on up to 18 hard drives. From its inception, MediaTools Wipe has come equipped with a custom tailored bootable operating system, that enables it to wipe multiple hard drives including the internal OS drive, something few products can match to this date. This unique configuration allows MediaTools Wipe to set the standard in flexibility, compatibility, performance and virus resistance. “This new version of MediaTools Wipe now ships on a bootable USB keychain drive which gives it phenomenal performance and increased compatibility, distancing us further from the competition. We expect this to be our best-selling release yet," states Greg Brewer, CEO at Prosoft Engineering. "We are excited to be working with Ingram Micro and Amazon to help fulfill the demand for this truly ground-breaking product."

About MediaTools Wipe

MediaTools Wipe is an ideal tool for IT professionals and hard drive recyclers who are securely erasing multiple hard drives a day. MediaTools Wipe can simultaneously wipe up to 18 drives and supports all types and sizes of storage devices. MediaTools Wipe has an intuitive user interface that provides key drive information as well as visual cues to assure proper drive identification. Wiping options and status information for each job are concisely integrated into the unique display. After each secure erase operation has completed successfully, a detailed Certificate of Secure Erase is available for printing. Hot-swapping support means operations can run on a continual basis with no need to restart the software. DriveLock feature protects the operating system, data drives or any drive you want to protect from the tool to prevent accidental deletion of data from drives not intended for secure erase.


MediaTools Wipe single technician licenses are available through Amazon and Ingram Micro. Site or enterprise licenses can be purchased directly from

About Prosoft Engineering

Established in 1985, Prosoft Engineering, Inc. creates professional, quality software designed for both novice and expert users. Prosoft’s technical support team is based in the California office and can be reached free via phone or email. Please visit the website at


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