Pure Acai Products to Market New Line of Acai Zone Products

El Cerrito, California (EastBayDaily) — Pure Acai Products, one of the world’s leading suppliers of acai berry products, recently signed an agreement with Apex-Nutra to develop a new line of three high-quality, private-label acai juices and supplements under the Acai Zone brand.

The joining of forces with Apex-Nutra was a natural progression for Pure Acai Products. Initially, Acai Zone will be marketed exclusively through Acai Berry Site, but will later be distributed through other online retailers.

These new products combine the wide range of health benefits of the acai berry with functional nutritional supplements developed by Apex-Nutra. Acai Ultra Slim is engineered to provide maximum aid to people looking to lose and keep off excess pounds. Acai Maxx is an energy booster and mood enhancer. Finally, Acai Rejuvenate is for anyone who wants to look and feel younger.

Bryan Nettles, who deals with the business side of the company, said, “It is obvious that the explosion of interest in the acai berry is largely due to the wide range of benefits it provides. So we decided to combine our experience with producing quality acai products with the homeopathic knowledge of Apex-Nutra to market products that better target the specific needs of our customers. The Acai Zone brand is well known for the standard of the products available.”

Acai berries are the world’s newest superfood. A native of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, the fruit has become recognized the world over thanks to its incredible health values.

There are several key benefits to consuming acai berry products such as Acai Zone. These range from an increased libido, better sleep and enhanced energy to better mental focus, an improved immune system and less aches and pains.

The berries are no wonder cure, but they could be the next best thing. Acai berries have also been linked to weight loss and decreasing the risk of cancer. Most of all, however, users say that a diet that includes the berries makes them feel great.

Pure Acai Products is a company founded by a group of friends who first came across acai berries while on a surfing trip to Rio in 2004. The adventurers ate the berries during their trip and could tell that there was something special about the fruit.

After returning to their homes in the Bay Area in San Francisco, the friends dug up all the information they could about acai berries. What they discovered was fascinating: the berries are full of helpful substances. However, it was near impossible to get acai products in the US.

It took several rounds of phone calls to find manufacturers who were prepared to export acai berries. However, as the berries spoil within a day of harvesting, it is necessary to process the berries before transporting.

The most convenient way of getting the product out of Brazil is in freeze-dried powder form, which is then consumed in capsule form. Acai berry juice is also popular with consumers, but is often diluted with water or other fruit juices and the end product is usually less than 10% acai berry.

The Acai Zone beverages are purees and are pulverized acai berry, with no water or other fruit juices added, so consumers get the maximum effect possible.

Nettles in particular was an immediate convert to acai berries after that trip to Brazil. “All of us behind Acai Zone have seen and felt how much of a change acai berry products can have on a person’s life. By going into the acai berry business we are championing a product that we have complete faith in because we use it ourselves.”

Apex-Nutra is a direct supplier of raw materials, including goji, camu camu and, of course, acai. Apex-Nutra has strong connections with the growers and manufacturers of these products, ensuring that Acai Zone is a high-quality, affordable acai product.

All of Apex-Nutra’s suppliers and manufacturers have been handpicked and are CGMPs and HACCP compliant. Nothing is shipped without being thoroughly examined and tested.

The Acai berry has become the most talked about health food in the world. The fruit is full of antioxidants, which helps keep bodies healthy. Furthermore, antioxidants combat the effects of aging by targeting free radicals.

Find out more about the Acai Zone brand at this link.


Bryan Nettles
Pure Acai Products