Putty Squad for PS4 Hits Shelves at $29.99 This Spring

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — The ballistic blue blob is back in the reinvented Putty Squad for PlayStation® 4, PlayStation® 3, and PlayStation® Vita. Due in stores on March 11, 2014, the retro title reemerges 20 years after its original release at an unprecedented PS4™ price point of $29.99.

Adored for its indie-style, addictive gameplay, Putty Squad returns to stretch, morph, and squish its way into the hearts of a new generation. The game, which had originally been developed for the Amiga 1200 in the early 90s, gained a cult following when Commodore's 1994 bankruptcy halted the release of the game. The title subsequently became a hit on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), though hardcore Amiga fans pined for its rerelease for years.

Now, with a new tutorial mode, extensive World Progression Map, online leaderboards, brand new time trial challenges and more, the title offers a significant value at just $29.99 for PS4™. The game boasts over 50 levels, which are equally entertaining for adults and kids.

“Putty Squad will have parents battling their kids for console time,” jokes Len Ciciretto, president of Maximum Games, publishers of Putty Squad. “Once you start, it’s hard to pull away.”

The story revolves around the stretching, flattening, and inflating main character, Putty, who has been tasked with the challenge of rescuing his fellow imprisoned putties, all the while being inundated with a slew of enemy attacks in the form of “Terminator” carrots and sword-wielding spacemen.

“Its wackiness is a huge part of the game’s charm, and it’s what the best games are made of – creativity. It’s why two plumbers traveling through pipes to rescue a princess in a mushroom kingdom makes sense,” said Maximum Games CEO, Christina Seelye.

“The return of Putty Squad has been a long time coming,” said John Twiddy, Head of Development at System 3, creators of the game. “Fans and newcomers to the game will equally appreciate the redrawn imagery, new features, and challenging gameplay.”

Indeed, Putty Squad has undergone a complete graphical overhaul, and is revamped to appeal to retro-seekers as well as the modern gamer. Bonus additions include a Sticker Book that allows players to collect and find hidden stickers throughout levels, star ratings, trophies, and unlockables.

"It's wonderful to see this cult classic come back to the modern age," said Mark Cale, CEO of System 3. "For those who weren't around in the time of the Amiga or SNES, now Putty Squad is made accessible for a new era of gamers."

Putty Squad is available for $29.99 March 11, 2014 on PS4™, PS3™ and PS Vita™, and has received a rating of E10+ by the ESRB. For more information, please visit http://www.maximumgames.com.

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Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Maximum Games publishes premier interactive video games for all leading platforms. For more information on Maximum Games, visit the company’s website at http://www.maximumgames.com.

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Formed in 1982 by Mark Cale, System 3 is recognized as one of the founding pioneers of the gaming industry and as a name synonymous with producing original genre defining gaming concepts year after year. System 3 stands proud as the last surviving British Independent Publisher from those grassroots years.


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