Qigong Master Teacher Vicki Dello Joio to Lead Nourish the Flame Live Event in Pleasant Hill to Make New Year’s Resolutions Real

Pleasant Hill, California (EastBayDaily) — Everyone wants a New Year full of health, wealth, skinny jeans and a perfect mate. Getting the life energy flowing in the right direction to fuel those outcomes is the reason Way of Joy Expert and Qigong Master Teacher Vicki Dello Joio offers her Nourish the Flame live event on December 29, 2014, from 11:00 AM – 4:30 PM in Pleasant Hill Community Center at 320 Civic Drive in service to hundreds of spirit-led people who are serious about taking inspired action to make their bold intentions real in the New Year.

“Let’s face it. Ninety-two percent of people will abandon their New Year’s resolutions within the first 30 days of 2015. If we could align our life force energy with the real reason we want the change, there would be a lot more happy, slim, evolved, and powerful people on the planet sharing joy with the ones they love,” Dello Joio quips.

According to Dello Joio, our well-intentioned resolutions loop around and around in our head, but never actually land in our body. So nothing happens. The ancient healing practice of Qigong teaches that when we anchor our idea in body and spirit as well as mind, we support our vision deep in the core of our being, and change happens.

“To align your body, mind, and spirit is to experience true Spiritual Fitness,” says Dello Joio. “So when you feed the ‘flame’ of your passion and purpose with embodied practices, you are likely to see real-time results happen in ways that are surprisingly effortless. Just like when, for example, you simply straighten up your posture and stand tall, you are more likely to both appear and feel more confident and empowered.”

Anything with the words ‘fitness,’ ‘alignment,’ ‘ancient practice’ may seem serious – even ominous – to some. But Dello Joio asserts that spiritual practice does not have to be grim. A comic performer as well as Qigong Master Teacher, she suggests that one of the best ways to move energy is to laugh every day. “Watch a comedy, spend time laughing with friends, read the funnies in your paper,” she suggests. “Or as Lao Tse says, ‘As soon as you have a thought, laugh at it.’”

There is actually real science behind this point of view. According to an article in the Huffington Post, several studies show the wide-ranging health benefits of laughter, including lowering stress, burning calories, enhancing memory, and protecting against heart disease. So participants in Dello Joio’s half-day training are invited to “laugh their way into the New Year.”

Dello Joio leads Nourish the Flame: From Resolutions to Results 2014 to bring these concepts alive on December 29, 2014, from 11 AM – 4:30 PM at the Pleasant Hill Community Center. Click here to learn more and claim a place.

About Way of Joy Expert and Qigong Master Teacher Vicki Dello Joio

Founder of the Way of Joy Spiritual Fitness Program, known as the ‘Renegade Woo Coach’ who brings together East Coast Attitude and West Coast Consciousness, Vicki Dello Joio welcomes invitations to lead workshops for audiences eager for transformation.

For decades, Vicki Dello Joio has brought energy, excitement and transformation to appreciative workshop audiences numbering in the hundreds who share a desire to use movement to create miracles in their lives. Her brand of brilliance is guiding participants to use the power and intention behind the Chinese healing art of Qigong to wake up to possibilities and take decisive, deliberate steps to make them real.

To invite Vicki to lead similar workshops for your audience eager for transformation or invite her comments on your radio or television program, get in touch by email or phone at 510-325-0993 or vicki(at)wayofjoy(dot)com.


Suzanne Bourgault


Suzanne Bourgault