Rapidly Growing Security Company Attributes Success to CRM Software

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Soffront Software, a leading customer relationship management software provider, has been providing a highly successful CRM solution to one of the fastest-growing security companies in the nation. Since adopting Soffront’s CRM application, American Security Programs has experienced dramatic growth, corresponding closely with easier to manage sales leads and larger accounts captured.

American Security Programs chose Soffront over other software providers because of its ease of use and customization tools.

“We selected Soffront because the product is easy to customize and easy to use,” said Evan Rosenfield, Director of Marketing at American Security Programs. “After looking at all of the other products, we determined that Soffront represented the best ROI.”

Rosenfield went on to say that he believes that the company’s sales capacity will continue to increase exponentially. “The ability for our sales team to manage a seemingly infinite number of records is a huge advantage. Even now, we still have not reached the limit of our newfound capacity. Our business potential has multiplied dramatically due to Soffront.”

In addition, the American-veteran-owned security company has taken full advantage of Soffront’s customization options in their innovative Quality Assurance system, offering security inspectors a unique interface in which to input real-time data from the field.

Soffront’s feature-rich CRM application has increased efficiency tremendously and allowed important information to be shared with American Security’s customers far more quickly than before.

“It’s amazing to witness how the system reduces week-long processes and complex report compilations to just a couple of clicks,” Rosenfield added.

About Soffront Software: For over eighteen years, Soffront has provided CRM software for small-to- medium sized companies. Compared to other leading CRM providers, Soffront CRM drives more sales by helping sales teams spend more time selling and less time using CRM. Companies that switch to Soffront report significant cost saving by eliminating add-ons, as Soffront’s Integrated CRM contains all of the required functionality. Soffront’s drag-and-drop customization reduces implementation cost. Soffront CRM provides a higher return on your investment with more revenue, more savings, and a better user experience. Soffront is privately held, debt-free, and profitable.


Lisa McLean
Soffront Software Inc.