RapidValue Launches iPad Application Development Services for Media & Publishing Firms

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — RapidValue, a leading mobile application development firm, has today announced launching its iPad application development service line, to support media and publishing firms that want to publish their content on iPad. The launch timing is aligned with the launch of Apple iPad, which is an event that media and publishing firms are eagerly waiting for.

iPad is expected to be a great medium for publishers, who have been hit with fast falling revenues. Newspapers have seen significant decline in print advertising revenues, with 2009 being one of the worst years, with a 27.2% fall from the previous year. Online versions did not provide many options to monetize. However, mobile and iPad apps may be slated to change all these. Some of the big-name advertisers have already bought space in leading news apps like NewYork Times and Times that are hitting the iPad. Also, monetizing models are emerging, with some of the leading news brands planning to charge as much as 17.99 USD per month of news subscription.

"The release of ipad will be a significant event for media and publishing players. This marks the emergence of a new business model, and a paradigm shift in the way content is published and consumed. Publishers should use this opportunity to move into the digital age, and mitigate some of the risks that they are currently facing on traditional and online channels” – said Sirish Kosaraju, COO of RapidValue and an expert in media and publishing industry.

RapidValue leverages its media and publisher solution kit to enable media and publishing firms publish their content in a cost-effective and quick way. This solution enables publishing of content to other smart-mobile devices like Android and iPhone apart from the iPad. The solution also offers multiple monetization options including ad-integration and subscription based versions.

About RapidValue:

RapidValue is a leading mobile media firm, offering solutions in leading smart-phone platforms as well as Mac and ipad platforms.

For further information about RapidValue’s iPad application development services, please visit http://www.rapidvaluesolutions.com/Solutions/ipad-services.html


Rajesh Padinjaremadam
RapidValue Solutions