Real Estate Agent Bruce Wagg of Highland Partners Offers Tips on Fast Tracking the Sale of a Home

Piedmont, California (EastBayDaily) — Bruce Wagg of Highland Partners, a real estate agent who features homes in the Piedmont, Oakland and Alameda areas, is now featuring tips for homeowners, ensuring that they will be able to fast track the sale of their homes.

“Every minute that you take to deal with these issues will assist your agent to get the best possible price for your home, and be ready to deal with the required negotiations, without having to come back to you again and again about issues that need attention,” Wagg said. “If you want to move your home onto the financial fast track–get moving and get prepared.”

Wagg is offering the following tips for consideration:

1)         Sell it faster by following the Boy Scout motto, “Be prepared.” Once a real estate agent has been selected, he or she will require a lot of information to assist in determining the ultimate sales price of a home.

“Some of this information will take time to collect and organize, so begin your research as early as possible. Doing this will save your agent’s preparation time and can get your home on the market sooner,” Wagg said. “Even better, with complete and comprehensive information, you could significantly increase your sale price because you can prove and justify its value.”

2)         Find the paperwork and permits that prove what improvements were made to the home and when. It can add amazing value to a home’s sale price when it is proven that these things were completed with a reliable company and the proper permits. If this information cannot be found, begin an immediate search. Permits will be on file with the city, and, given sufficient lead time, builders and repair people can research and “pull” the records from their files.

3)         Decide what needs to be disclosed to potential buyers. California law requires that the homeowner to disclose issues to potential buyers. Ask the real estate agent what needs to be disclosed, take time to investigate all parts of the home, make a list and be completely honest in evaluations.

“Decide ahead of time what you will be prepared to fix and pay for, and what you are not able to afford to do,” Wagg said. “It will save huge amounts of negotiation time and help your agent get the best possible price for your home.”

4)         Make a plan to address important issues that need correction. All homes are going to need repair and replacement of things that will enhance the sale of the home and make it more attractive. Do some preliminary research about the cost of the repairs that will need to be done, and use the Internet for all kinds of suggestions and ideas that will address problems.

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About Bruce Wagg of Highland Partners Bruce Wagg of Highland Partners offers professional real estate services to the East Bay, including Piedmont real estate, Oakland real estate and Alameda real estate services. As a resident of Oakland, Bruce specializes in homes for sale in Oakland; has an extensive knowledge about the schools, transportation and shopping; and can answer questions about other determining factors that help people decide to buy a home. He has closely studied the ever-changing market conditions in real estate and knows property values well. His knowledge in the area allows him to provide the best customer service, understand a client’s needs and always maintain clear communication.

What sets Bruce Wagg apart from other agents is that he also acts as a project manager for his clients. He has the expertise and abilities to manage the entire real estate process, and he continually discusses details with each client, so that each feels fully prepared to make these large financial decisions.


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