Real Estate Company in Mountain View, CA Offering No Realtor Home Sales

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Buying homes using the assistance of a real estate agent or realtor is the traditional process used by most buyers. Some investment companies are now offering to buy homes direct. One real estate company in Mountain View, CA discovered by the company is now offering no realtor home sales at

Investment companies are becoming more common to use when homes require a faster date of sale compared with services offered by realtors.

Many of the traditional complications that can arise in a standard real estate transaction are eliminated with investment companies that provide a cash bid for a property.

"Most companies providing cash bids buy houses regularly and also provide services to buyers of homes," Ryan Bush, owner of the company said.

The Transaction Engineers company has recently updated its services to include owner financing for buyers. Apart from the bids that are offered to owners of homes, buyers seeking property that is not held through realtors can use the creative financing methods that are in place by this company.

"Investors who own property can set terms of a finance agreement and do not put credit history in a first place position when considering purchasers," Bush added.

The economic slowdown in many parts of the country has led to job loss, foreclosures and other events that can be disastrous to credit ratings. Companies like the Transaction Engineers company are providing easier ways for homeowners to get out from under a sinking mortgage or rental home not meeting target goals.

More information can be found by visiting the website online.

About Transaction Engineers

The Transaction Engineers company is based in California and offers its services to buyers and sellers of properties in the state. Owner financing for new homes and lease to buy for other homes is currently building up the company portfolio available.


The company supplies instant access to its real estate marketing programs online and offers a complimentary blog that is accessible by the general public. This company provides SEO services and other marketing programs to professionals.


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