Real-Time Housing Market Data Powers New Generation of Wall Street Equities Analysis

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — A new partnership between Altos Research and DISCERN provides institutional investors with real-time market insights using an innovative approach to investment research and analytics.

By using real-time local housing market data, Altos Research and DISCERN are able to report an up-to-date view on the current state of housing in the US. The real-time statistics paint a different picture than the leading headlines due to the lag time in the traditional data sources. Reporting the active real estate market in real-time gives their clients a current view on the state of housing in various local markets, which results in more informed decisions.

“The US housing market, and its recovery or continued decline, drives so much of the global economy,” says Mike Simonsen, CEO of Altos Research. “Even our clients who are working in industries other than housing are using our data to gauge the current state of the economy as a whole.”

The numbers from the first quarter of 2011 are just now hitting the headlines from the traditional data sources, while Altos Research and DISCERN are using this week’s real-time numbers to run analytics for the market as it is behaving today.

Harry Blount, DISCERN’s CEO adds, “The whole point of DISCERN is to bring new data and technology into the archaic world of equities research. Altos Research and their real-time housing data is the premier example of how we can provide unique, timely, and relevant research to our clients.”

Altos Research is the premier provider of real-time residential real estate market data in the US. With their unique data set, Altos reports leading indicators and market conditions for in-depth analysis. Their database of over 2,000,000 properties in 20,000 zip codes is tracked each week to provide insights into market psychology by understanding geo-local market activity.

DISCERN is blazing a new path with their approach to investment analytics, combining new technology with their team of Wall Street veterans. They use information analytics tools, proprietary data streams, and unique analytical processes to provide a superior alternative to traditional investment research. DISCERN uses their proprietary tools to compile and analyze data to give perspective to their institutional investor clients.


Jon Sterling
Altos Research