Recession Officially Over Declares California Based Turman Commercial Painters — Hiring to Begin

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — We can all take a deep breath, the recession is officially over. For those who are keeping track, it ended Tuesday April 12th at 8:56 a.m. PST. At least that is the announcement Dave Theobald, President and CEO of Livermore, Ca based Turman Commercial Painters, made during last Tuesday’s company-wide staff meeting. The official announcement focused his company on the future and means they will begin hiring.

Turman Commercial Painters works with contractors nationwide on office buildings, rebranding, retail, medical, hospitality and other large projects and has experienced the challenges of the economy over the last 2 ½ years. “It was really my partner John Noble, of Washington Commercial Painters who declared the recession over,” says Theobald. “We were talking about how busy they are and John said, ‘You know we just need to be done with this recession thing’ and I asked him, are you declaring the recession over? And he said ‘Yes’, so we made an official announcement at our staff meeting. “

At the end of Turman’s twice-monthly staff meeting on Tuesday, where each of the company’s 8 national offices participated via video conferencing, Theobald made the announcement. “We have some good news,” he stated “we wanted to let everyone know that John has officially declared an end to the recession.” The announcement was met with cheers and applause. Theobald went on to ask each of them what they would do tomorrow, if they knew for certain that the recession was over as of today. “Take a vacation,” said one employee; “go out to dinner” said another; “sell my house,” was another response. When asked what he would do differently, Noble said he would buy some equipment and hire more people. Theobald responded that he would start doing some hiring and was also thinking about taking a family vacation.    

“Declaring an end to the recession and spending time talking about what we would all do differently tomorrow, if we KNEW it was over, was helpful,” says Theobald. “Part of this recession was created from a fear mindset – people don’t spend because they are afraid of job instability, which hurts companies, which in turn translates to job instability. That is one of the reasons we did the People’s Stimulus program last year (People’s Stimulus is a program where Theobald’s company gave $200 in $2 bills to each of their employees with the directive that they ‘Pay it Forward’ to help local communities), we wanted to send a message to our employees ‘Hey, we are okay.’ Declaring an ‘official’ end to the recession Tuesday was a way to get our folks focused on the future, and it worked.”

What does the “official” end of this recession and the future mean for Turman Commercial Painters? “We are going to start hiring again,” says Theobald.    Just goes to show you, mindset can make a difference.

About Turman Commercial Painters. – Turman Commercial Painters and its affiliates are the only solely owned national commercial painters providing quality service across the United States. The company was founded in 1972 based on the premise of doing the right thing. Turman Commercial Painters and its affiliates, Washington Commercial Painters and Oregon Commercial Painters provide commercial painting nationwide on rebrand, tenant improvement, retail, medical, hospitality and restoration projects, through multiple offices across the country. For more information see:


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