Record Breaking Summer Growth for EcoFirst Pest Control in 2011

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Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — A recent news article has highlighted EcoFirst Pest Control as the 51st largest pest control company as well as the fastest growing pest control company in the country by a wide margin. EcoFirst has added more than 90,000 new customers in the last three years in 12 major US metroplexes; 44,000 of those came from this summer alone.

With its sound business plan and favorable customer service reputation, EcoFirst Pest Control recently expanded its services to 4 new locations this summer, opening up offices in Sacramento, CA, Houston, TX, Austin, TX, and San Antonio, TX.

“This summer’s expansion has been our most significant achievement to date as a company, but we could have not done it without the amazing team of people that make our organization great! Our secret to success has been getting the right people on board who share our same vision and commitment to providing each EcoFirst customer with the best experience in the pest control industry.” –Vess Pearson, President, EcoFirst Pest Control

With many companies sitting-tight through a tough economy, this kind of expansion is a bold move. EcoFirst’s explosive growth this summer paints a hopeful picture for other businesses and also for those looking for new job opportunities.

“It’s truly been an adventure this summer continuing EcoFirst’s expansion throughout the western United States. Our company’s growth has provided many new career opportunities to our organization despite a slow and fragile economy. It’s a great thing that pests don’t know we’re in a recession.” –David Royce, CEO, EcoFirst Pest Control

EcoFirst now has a presence in 9 states—California, Texas, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. And Royce doesn’t plan to stop there.

“Every year we have met or exceeded my original expectations. It’s been a lot of fun. We’re trying to build a better company, not just a bigger one. Our goal ultimately is not to be the biggest, but the best at what we do. We’d love to have 50 or 60 locations across the U.S. in the next decade.” –David Royce, CEO

EcoFirst Pest Control specializes in residential pest management, and has recently been named by the May 2011 edition of PCT magazine as the fastest growing pest control company in North America. EcoFirst is an accredited Better Business Bureau (BBB) business, and member of the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program. Admittance into the PESP is only provided to those organizations that adhere to a higher standard of alternative pest control practices that reduce potential health risks to humans and the environment. EcoFirst is also a proud partner of the United Nation’s Foundation “Nothing But Nets” to help stop the spread of Malaria transmitted by the mosquito bite.


Steve Eliason
EcoFirst Pest Control