Recurring Gifting Site Creates Loving Legacy, Even After Death

El Cerrito, California (EastBayDaily) — It’s difficult to imagine life going on without a beloved family member – or life going on without us. Thanks to, an online service that sends gifts automatically, there is a way to create a lasting presence in the lives of our loved ones for many years to come.

From sending pre-written graduation cards to grandchildren, to sending anniversary flowers to a surviving spouse – makes it easy to set up automatic gift-giving for years into the future. And the site isn’t solely for those wishing never to be forgotten, it’s also the perfect gift-giving solution for the forgetful and time challenged individuals. Whether they are busy business types juggling work-life balance, or armed force members away on active duty, people in all situations will appreciate the convenience of

With a wide gift selection that includes flowers, chocolates, gift baskets, greeting cards, gift cards and more, allows clients to send recurring gifts for any future date and event. In addition to the vast gift selection available on the website, 7P Gift Services can also store pre-written letters and personal memorabilia for future delivery.

Getting started takes four easy steps: sign up, set services, submit the form and relax. Users can customize the event dates, gifting frequency, and duration of time for gifts to recur into the future. With low cost event service fees, makes recurring gift-giving incredibly affordable.


Headquartered in El Cerrito, CA, 7P Gift Services allows customers to create automatic gifting events on a recurring basis, well into the future. Besides its traditional gifting and letter delivery offerings, also works with many hospices across the nation to provide free gifts and services to those with life-limiting illnesses. 7P also works with business clients across a number of sectors to provide client appreciation solutions that promote customer loyalty and client retention.

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Allan Chang
7P Gift Services