Republic Wireless® Selects Steelwedge to Power Supply Chain Planning

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Steelwedge, the leader in cloud-based Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) solutions, today announced that it has been selected by Republic Wireless for integrated supply and demand planning. Republic Wireless, the innovative wireless service provider saving consumers money on their wireless service by harnessing the power of both WiFi and cellular to lower the cost of smartphone service, chose Steelwedge to help strengthen its supply chain planning capabilities due to the pacing and complexities associated with rapid growth.

The company will leverage Steelwedge for constraint-based planning, supply scheduling, attach-rate planning, and supplier collaboration. Republic Wireless will utilize Steelwedge for product life cycle management, including new product introductions and end-of-life, as well as to manage its desired stock levels. Additionally, purchase order requirements will be extracted as a downstream output to interface with its ERP system.

“Because Steelwedge is cloud-based, the barriers to entry in terms of cost and configuration are less difficult to overcome, and we know we will always have the most recent version of the software,” said Alan Pendleton, Director, Supply Chain Management, Republic Wireless. “Strategically, we wanted to build an S&OP platform that enables us to support increasing scale and complexity with limited additional operational investments. We recognized that Steelwedge was the leader in cloud S&OP, and best-in-class for the foreseeable future.”

“Steelwedge is excited to partner with a company experiencing the kind of explosive growth that Republic Wireless is,” said Glen Margolis, Steelwedge CEO. “Both of our companies have been recognized as leaders in disruptive technology, so we understand the requirements that Republic Wireless has to stay agile and innovative while expanding its business. We look forward to providing the S&OP technology that helps them along that journey.”

About Steelwedge: Steelwedge Software is the leading Integrated Business Planning solution provider. Steelwedge’s cloud-based Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) software solutions connect people, process and technology to power a single view of a company’s business. In a volatile global business environment, that single line of sight powers reliable “what-if” scenario modeling and mobile analytics to pinpoint the financial impact of supply-demand trade-offs. Some of the world's largest manufacturing companies including Jaguar Land Rover, Lenovo, Monsanto and Sony, trust Steelwedge to help them mitigate risk and rapidly adapt to global economic, political and environmental change through best-in-class S&OP.

About Republic Wireless: Recognized in the 2014 Readers Choice Awards as having better overall customer satisfaction than the largest four national carriers, Republic Wireless is a wireless service provider dedicated to helping consumers save money on smartphone service. Republic Wireless, a division of Bandwidth, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, is spearheading a wireless freedom movement to return value and control of the smartphone experience to members by leveraging the power of both WiFi and cellular networks. Our Hybrid technology uses WiFi in the home, office or anywhere else as the primary network for calls, texts and data. When outside of WiFi coverage, the smartphone works just like a typical smartphone on the cellular networks of national CDMA carriers. Visit for more information.


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