Restoration Drycleaner Expanding to Northeast : FRSTeam Seeks Licensees Wishing to Increase Drycleaning Services

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — “We offer an established and successful program for drycleaners to expand their operations to include restoration work,” said Jim Nicholas, president of FRSTeam. “We have existing relationships with the nation’s largest insurance companies and damage mitigation contractors, and we are looking for top quality drycleaners in the Northeast to join our team and help leverage these relationships.”

For drycleaners interested in expanding their business, joining a restoration drycleaning organization like FRSTeam offers many key advantages, including:

Diversification away from retail fluctuations. While retail drycleaning sales are flat or off this year, the restoration drycleaning industry continues to be a growing market. Key customers include insurance companies, damage mitigation contractors and independent claims adjusters. Program capitalizes on the cost advantage of restoration over replacement. Restoration offers an acknowledged value proposition for prospective licensees. Because insurance companies prefer to restore damaged items, demand is steady and the cost advantage of restoration offers a distinct business opportunity. Low capital requirement for existing drycleaners. As compared to other types of business expansion, adding restoration to a drycleaning business is less capital intensive. For existing drycleaners, the main business investment costs, such as plant and equipment, have already been paid or financed. FRSTeam also offers unique advantages to prospective licensees including existing relationships with national insurance companies, branded marketing materials, operational assistance with production formulas, plant layouts and processing plans, and accounting systems.

FRSTeam signed its first licensed operator in August of 2006, and since then it has added 25 licensed businesses throughout the country and expanded its coverage to include most of the continental United States. The FRSTeam licensees have experienced an average growth rate of more than 20 percent per year on their restoration work since joining FRSTeam. Additional information on FRSTeam is available by calling (510) 723-1008 or visiting


John P. David