Retirement Desk of San Francisco Launches Fee Benchmarking and Proposal Generation Services

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Bay Area retirement plans company, Retirement Desk is offering a no-cost fee benchmarking service to compare a retirement plan to other similar plans across the country. This helps advisors and company plan sponsors determine if their retirement plan is fee competitive. Users may either enter the collected data themselves or Retirement Desk will read through provided agreements and statements to uncover the true costs of the plans. In addition, the proposal generation tool generates a proposal illustration with a competitively priced TD Ameritrade’s solution. Retirement Desk plans to add other vendors to the comparison tool in its next version.

“I personally don’t know of any other independent firm offering these types of first generation tools that are focused on serving the small and mid-sized retirement plans,” says Jason Woon of Retirement Desk.

The new services are designed for the small and mid-sized marketplace because many larger plans have long utilized retirement consultants to benchmark their plans for them. Both services are now available at the company’s website and are currently free of charge to advisors and companies who register to the site when they submit their plan information.

For more information on the Bay Area’s Retirement Desk’s 401k plans, fee benchmarking, fiduciary reviews, and proposal generation services, call (510) 457-1925 or visit them online at Retirement Desk is located at 1254 Park Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501.

About Retirement Desk

Retirement Desk was founded by retirement industry veterans. With an insider view of retirement plan providers and the understanding of the needs of registered investment advisors, Retirement Desk set out to create a turnkey solution that truly meets the needs of both advisors and plan sponsors. The result is an independently crafted package that would serve small and mid-sized companies and with no hidden fees or conflicts of interest.

Retirement Desk’s belief is that retirement readiness is available for every American, but it takes a good set of tools and good investment advisors who really care for and guide participants towards success.


Jason Woon