Revolution at the Table: Liz Snyder, Holistic Family Food Coach, Helps Moms and Kids Ditch Junk Food for “the real meal”

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Liz Snyder, The Holistic Family Food Coach, doesn’t emphasize a particular diet, meal plan, or approach. There are no food diaries, no calories, no scales, and no meal plans. Instead, as a coach, author and pofessional speaker, she aims to break Moms “diet-fail-shame” cycle — helping end a life spent obsessing over “get thin quick” diets, discouraging junk food binges, and the poor health and self-hate that come as a result of years of yo-yo diets. Instead of losing weight fast and then regaining it all, Coach Liz’s clients build a new relationship with food and eating that will last a lifetime – and with some help from Coach Liz, get passed on to the next generation.

Coach Liz’s new workbook, Jenny Craig Can Kiss My Asparagus, will be available in June 2010 and is available for pre-order at her website, The workbook, designed especially for moms, takes readers through an in-depth examination of their own eating and dieting behaviors. Through carefully designed exercises and creative visualizations, Liz helps Moms develop a healthy, joyful relationship with food for both themselves and their children.

Coach Liz’s article, “Real Kids, Real Food, Real Love: 10 (Surprising!) Ways to Raise a Healthy Eater”, is now in the May/June issue of Natural Life Magazine and details her work helping families get back to the family table and enjoying fresh, healthy food. For many Moms, weight problems and chronic dieting has been a life-long struggle – a struggle they have unintentionally passed on to their children.

Coach Liz’s story is no different. “I’ve been there a thousand times myself, so I know what it’s like,” shares Coach Liz. “In my teens and 20s, I failed at every single diet you can imagine. I reached a place of over 225 pounds and total and utter exhaustion before I started considering how I could do things differently, how I could start thinking differently about food and eating. I wanted a different mindset for myself, and a different future for my daughter.”

Oprah Winfrey, known for her serial adoption of the latest and greatest dieting ‘fix’, is starting to see that just eating healthy food according to a diet guru’s rules doesn’t work in the long term. In the most recent issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Oprah writes, “…it has taken me years to learn (and relearn) that the choices we make about what we put in our mouths are only stand-ins for the beliefs we carry in our minds and our hearts.”

Most women can relate, but few do what Coach Liz does: targeted work to change thinking first, and diet second. For many of Coach Liz’s clients, the transformation in thinking can be profound and immediate.

Says one client, Carrie W., a Mom of 3 pre-teens, “The most powerful thing happened when Liz said, ‘What if it was possible to enjoy eating?’ It had truly never occurred to me that I might be able to feel that way, and it blew me away. I realized that I had been asking for ways to stay numb during an unpleasant experience. And what I really wanted was to let go of the pain and stay present for a joyful experience.”

Staying present and joyful at mealtime can be even more important for children –especially girls. The average age that a girl goes on her first diet is a shocking 8 years old. According to a study in the Journal of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, the great irony of our “diet culture” is that girls who diet are 324% more likely to become obese than their non-dieting peers. The diet industry, with close ties to prominent junk food companies, brings in over $40 billion dollars in profits each year, mostly from girls and women. Jenny Craig, the most profitable diet company in the U.S., is owned by Nestle Foods – makers of well-known products such as Butterfinger and Hot Pockets.

According to Coach Liz, “It’s not about the latest research, the latest diet, or the latest fad. It’s about cultivating a life of simple culinary pleasures, healthy food for kids, and nourishing traditions for your family.”

Through individual telephone-based coaching sessions, seminars and workshops, and in her new book, Jenny Craig Can Kiss My Asparagus, Coach Liz aims to help people find true pleasure and joy in the food that they prepare for themselves and their families, realizing that radiant health is a natural byproduct.

Coach Liz explains, “My food revolution is a quiet one: Eat for pleasure. Eat for the planet. The body responds by getting healthy and strong. Children respond by loving healthy food every bit as much as you do.”

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