Revolutionary New Scalp Therapy Treatments for Men & Women Available Only in Salons & Spas

Canyon, California (EastBayDaily) — A new scalp treatment regimen for in-salon and at-home use takes aim at scalp health for the purpose of improving hair quality. Unveiled by a boutique California formulator, Sea Awakening Products, the new preparations use gender-specific ingredients and Dead Sea mud, essential oils, botanicals and proteins to create Sea Awakening Scalp Treatment and Sea Awakening Scalp Therapy.

The company's products are crafted specifically for tissue health of the scalp using ingredients that are natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Minerals incorporated into the products are ultra-concentrated to deal effectively with irritations, help bolster blood circulation and clear follicle pathway obstructions.

"Having a healthy scalp is the key to having thick, full, healthy hair and stopping hair loss. Most people have scalp problems that can impair proper hair growth," states James Davis, Sea Awakening's Senior Vice President. "In addition, many people have scalp conditions like acne, dandruff, itching, oil or dry flaking scalp that reduce the ability of the scalp to produce healthy hair. Our goal was to develop products to solve these issues and provide every salon and spa client the opportunity to have wonderfully healthy hair and scalp."

"We achieved our objectives," Davis adds, "We aimed for something that is natural, unique, vegan, cruelty-free, and capable of producing identifiable results within several weeks from the start of treatments. In fact, many people see results after the first or second use." The company is in discussions with several of the largest salon and spa operators in the U.S. as well as professional beauty distributors to introduce the products into the marketplace.

Salon-based clinical trials demonstrated very high levels of stylist, esthetician, beauty therapist and customer satisfaction. Aroma, "feel" and efficacy of the Scalp Treatment products received thumbs-up across the board. "We also received very positive feedback from cancer survivors who used the Sea Awakening Scalp Treatment on their scalp to cope with skin and sensory irritation brought about by chemotherapy," Davis states. Sea Awakening Scalp Treatment (with separate formulation for women and men) are masques where a thin layer is applied to the skin of the scalp and allowed to cure in the salon or spa. Sea Awakening Scalp Therapy is a take-home follow-up product used to enhance the therapeutic effectiveness. The company holds U.S. and Israeli patents for the use of Dead Sea mud-based formulations for purposes of scalp therapy. Ancient ingredients such as myrrh and cutting edge earth archaebiotic materials such as Halobacterium salinarum also play prominent roles in the product formulations and efficacy. A long-time supporter of animal causes, the company insisted that its products be cruelty-free.

"The primary effort has been to create a scalp masque that stylists, estheticians and beauty therapists find enjoyable to use and that customers find both stimulating and soothing when applied and easy to use at home," Davis notes, "Plus, the products help diminish hair loss."

Sea Awakening Products is a boutique formulator of natural mud and mineral products and specializes in salon and spa natural therapies focused exclusively on scalp health and healing. To learn more, contact James Davis at Sea Awakening Products, 925-388-0963.


James Davis
Sea Awakening Products

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