Rippln Set To Introduce Innovative App Sharing Program And Give Users The Chance To Get In On The Ground Floor

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — RippIn is a new incentivized sharing program that lets individuals share apps and receive monetary rewards in the process. The program is built around apps because there are millions of people already sharing apps on a daily basis and the creators of Rippln think they should be rewarded for it.

According to a Rippln spokesperson, their new incentive program takes advantage of people’s love of technology and interest in apps of all kinds. Currently, individuals are sharing apps and talking about the latest technology and they are doing it for free and thus as acting as marketing professionals for tech companies that rely on them to get the word out about their products. Rippln monetizes this love of technologies and apps and when an individual shares an app they create a ripple effect because their friends also share and then their friends do that same. This ripple effect is what companies’ dream of to get their newest products out and they will reward the people who create these ripples.

Currently Rippln is in the early stages and the developers are eager to get their message out and let interested parties get in on the ground floor before millions become aware of the opportunity. This early announcement will let thousands of people be the first to create the ripples that will change their lives forever.

Joining this incentivized sharing revolution is quite easy and according to Rippln representatives there are just a few steps people need to follow to get ready for the release of Rippln. Step one is about education. First individuals have to plug into the Rippln world by viewing all of the instruction videos the Rippln team has put together. Educating themselves and understanding the Rippln process will lead to much bigger ripples and a much higher return. Individuals should also add the Rippln conference calls and webinars to their calendar to learn even more and to stay updated on the Rippln system as the Rippln team prepares for a full worldwide public release. Finally, individuals are highly encouraged to attend one of the Rippln live events where they can meet others in the Rippln community and get a hand’s on experience with technology.

Step two involves getting a ripple started by identifying five friends that could benefit by joining ripple. Rippln reaches out to those individuals and they are attached to the Rippln team member who provided their information. Should they decide to join the Rippln team they become the start of an individual’s ripple and others they bring to the team make that ripple grow exponentially.

Step three is the secret to Rippln success. Periodically the Rippln developers will create a marketing blitz which will allow early members to invite unlimited individuals to join Rippln, all of whom will be attached to that individual. During these periods those already affiliated with Rippln have the chance to take their involvement to the highest levels.

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