Rob Honeycutt, Founder of Timbuk2, Launches New Website for Elroy Wireless Earbuds

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Elroy is a set of Bluetooth earbuds, weighing less than three US quarters, with a magnetic docking station solution for those annoyed by their long, and often tangled, headphone cords. Rob Honeycutt, founder of Timbuk2 and now Elroy, successfully crowdfunded Elroy back in April of 2013, and has launched a new e-commerce website to sell the device to those who missed out on its crowdfunding campaign.

The new modern and edgy website for Elroy not only allows users to purchase Elroy, but will accommodate Honeycutt’s growing business. The new design helps solidify Honeycutt’s brand while providing visitors with an ongoing information resource for company news and product updates.

“With the new Elroy website, we’re looking to bring out an identity that will be unique in the world of consumer electronics,” says Honeycutt. “We’re even featuring various artists’ works, and have a page on the site that houses profiles for each artist.”

Elroy conveniently clips to a user’s clothing, allowing the earbud cord to be just ⅓ the length of normal headphone cords. This revolutionary device provides a home for earbuds to live; it’s patented magnetic docking station houses the earbuds when not in use, and allows for easy access when answering calls or starting up some music. These docking points are also electronically activated to perform useful functions. For incoming calls, simply removing an earbud answers the call and replacing the earbuds terminates a call. If listening to music, placing the earbuds on the docks will pause the music and removing them again will restart the last song right where it left off.

Not only does Elroy eliminate tangled cords and add functionality to a user’s digital lifestyle, but it also serves as a remote control for any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Use Elroy to control volume and tracks or even answer incoming calls while a mobile phone is connected to speakers.

To learn more about Elroy or pre-order a device today, visit the product’s new website at Also, be sure to connect with Elroy on Facebook and Twitter @meet_elroy to learn about new promotions, contests and more.

About Elroy

Elroy is the brainchild of Rob Honeycutt, Founder of Timbuk2, where he developed a production system that allowed customers to order customized products online. Now, Rob is bringing his manufacturing experience to the consumer electronics market with Elroy. Honeycutt believes that “Made in the USA” is not just a fun idea, but a better way to make products, and is excited to be part of what is going to be a new wave of domestic manufacturing. Manufacturing done right. For more information on Elroy, visit


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