RTX and 2lemetry to Demonstrate Internet of Things Solution at CES

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — 2lemetry has collaborated with RTX to provide customers a complete Internet of Things (IoT) solution, allowing operators to wirelessly communicate with remote assets, collect and store the application data, and visualize the data on any web enabled smart device while providing a full Edge-to-Enterprise solution rapidly.

RTX modules with built-in 2lemetry cloud connectivity make it easy for users to connect sensors or other remote devices to the web or other intranet or internet-based services. Within minutes of powering up an RTX Development Kit, data from a remote asset or sensor can be displayed graphically on a 2lemetry dashboard and accessed world-wide on any smart device.

Jens Christian Lindof, Vice President of RTX, comments, “RTX is committed to IP-based wireless solutions, making it possible for sensors, appliances, and other systems to connect directly to the Internet, thereby enabling easy control and display of data. The IP-based solution ensures that the data transmitted is fully transparent end-to-end, which for example makes it possible to mix and replace sensors using different types of radio technology without changing anything in the cloud service set up.”

At CES the partners will showcase a cloud-connected cigar humidor from Harbinger Intelligent Solutions. The “Humidor Sentinel” is an Edge-to-Enterprise IOT consumer product solution, which allows users access to the latest technology to manage their humidor environment.

Jim Cairns, CEO of 2lemetry, adds, “The combined value of RTX’s wireless and sensor technologies and 2lemetry’s market-leading cloud platform is underscored by this demonstration. The rapid development cycle resulting in a solution that is scalable to markets world-wide is a great example of what we can do to accelerate our customers’ connectivity initiatives”.

Interested parties visiting the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), running between January 8th-11th 2013 in Las Vegas USA, can view the Humidor Sentinel, by invitation only. Please contact RTX for coordination (Peggy Emerson, Regional Sales Manager, 612-867-1520).

About RTX RTX A/S designs and produces advanced wireless solutions for global clients across a variety of markets, including industrial-grade communications, professional audio, consumer gaming, solutions for enterprise PBX and VoIP communications, home automation, and sensing. RTX offers a range of wireless low power modules appropriate for these markets including cloud supported Internet of Things modules.

In addition, RTX provides customizable ATE solutions for production testing of wireless devices. Since its founding in 1993, RTX has undertaken more than 800 projects incorporating technologies such as Bluetooth(tm), GSM, Wi-Fi, DECT, DECT ULE, and VoIP. RTX is headquartered in Denmark, and has offices in Hong Kong and the US. For more information, please visit http://www.rtx.dk

About 2lemetry 2lemtry provides the most scalable, secure cloud application platform to connect any device, using any protocol and transform that data to real-time actionable intelligence anywhere in the world. 2lemetry takes customers’ concepts and turns them into market ready reality in weeks not years. Visit http://www.2lemetry.com to realize your potential.

About Harbinger Intelligent Solutions Harbinger Intelligent Solutions, is a company focused on enriching people’s lives by offering technology enable products making life simpler. For more information contact us at jzaloker(at)harbingerintelligentsolutions(dot)com

For more information please contact: Jim Cairns CEO Email: info(at)2lemetry(dot)com


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