Sakura of America Pigma Micron Archival Ink Pen Used In Historic Presidential Election

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — The Chicago Board of Elections selected the Pigma Micron 08 pen for citizens to use to mark their ballots for the 2008 Presidential election. The quick-dry time, waterproof and fade resistant ink qualities translate into a permanent record of an individual’s vote. The smudge-free rich black mark ensures the highest scanning accuracy by authorized ballot scanning machines. A Federal requirement mandates that all ballots be safely stored for twenty-two months after an election. Municipalities are confident when using the permanent, light-fast pigment ink of Pigma Micron that ballot vote marks will not fade, smear or feather after being counted and stored. The patented high quality of PIGMA ink mirrors Sakura of America’s corporate philosophy that each individual has the right and Power to Express® their beliefs and creativity.

“We are pleased that the Pigma Micron pen was selected as a tool for Chicago citizens to express their desire for a new direction, and cast their vote in this momentous election,” states Peter Ouyang, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development. “Sakura of America is known worldwide as an authority of ink technology, and for its research and invention of permanent, fade resistant, chemically stable inks. Our strong ties to Chicago communities are through Grimstad Comerford Group, Inc., our representative for over a decade.”

About Pigma Micron and Permanent Writing Instruments The Pigma Micron pen was invented and patented in the early 1980s. Pigma Micron preserves official records of architects, archivists, anthropologists, entomologists, and laboratories. Manga artists, cartoonists, and professional illustrators use and tout the benefits of the rich black color of PIGMA® ink. Scrapbook and craft hobbyists preserve and create mementos that last a lifetime with Pigma Micron.

To prevent personal identification theft and check washing, it is vital that checks and legal documents are signed with ink that is waterproof and chemical resistant. Fraud resistant, permanent ink is also delivered in Gelly Roll® fine and medium point, SumoGrip® II, and Pigma Sensei® Manga drawing kit pens.

About Corporate Philosophy The corporate philosophy states that all people have ideas and thoughts worthy of expression, and each individual has the right and Power to Express® their beliefs and creativity. This translates into the company goal of providing state of the art writing instruments and art materials that are high quality and affordable.

About Sakura Color Products of America, Inc.: Sakura Color Products of America, Inc. is headquartered in Hayward, CA; the company services the U.S. and Canadian markets, and is the U.S. subsidiary of privately held, Sakura Color Products Corporation of Osaka, Japan. For company, product details, and a retailer locator: or call 800-776-6257

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