SamePage Enhances Wiki Capabilities to Incorporate New Social Media Elements

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — eTouch SamePage, a dynamic enterprise wiki, today announced it has enhanced its social-media features and deployment capabilities with the introduction of SamePage version 4.1.

New social-media elements, such as rich user profiles, page ratings and people searches, provide much-desired social features beneficial for companies of all sizes. In addition, SamePage version 4.1 is available to customers through the new and evolutionary deployment option, multi-tenancy for on-premise enterprise customers, which is especially useful for large enterprises, umbrella organizations and academic institutions.

“We’ve responded to customer requests to take strides in increasing the social-media aspects of SamePage with this new release,” said Aniruddha Gadre, CEO of eTouch Systems. “Allowing enterprise wiki users to personalize their wiki experience and profile can help build excitement among employees about using the wiki and help to foster better relationships among colleagues.”

The key social-media features of SamePage version 4.1 include: An integrated social directory with rich user profiles and people search that facilitates people-centric collaboration. User-created profiles to provide a well-rounded view to other users and become a source for a collaborative social directory. Exhaustive people search functionality. Page ratings Twitter-like status updates Display of the most recent wiki activities On-premise customers can also customize the user-profile for their instance, hiding SamePage attributes that may not be relevant within their specific organization.

More information about the social features of SamePage v. 4.1 is available:

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