San Francisco Bay Area Holistic and Traditional Chiropractor Practice is Now Offering Gentle Detoxification and Drainage Therapy

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — The Center for Holistic Health(also known as Advanced Chiropractic) located in Oakland offers both gentle detoxification and drainage therapy. Chiropractic Kinesiologist,Dr. Larry J. Gertler, M.Ed., D.C., is the founder and owner of the Center. With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Gertler maintains a unique niche in the healthcare field as he combines the art and science of Applied Kinesiology with the latest, most advanced chiropractic techniques.

Today, more than ever, the human body is inundated with harmful toxins from countless sources, according to Dr. Gertler. Environmental pollutants, pesticide-treated foods, and a whole host of other such contaminants create a situation in which the body must struggle to remain healthy. Sustained exposure to such stresses weakens the body’s resistance and, finally, all sorts of health problems result. In this process, toxins lodge in the body’s tissues and organs and, eventually, disease manifests.

In reality, this overload from toxicity is just one of the two conditions that rob us of good health. The other is deficiency of some element necessary to the well-working of the body.

Toxicity manifests when too much of something is present within the body. Deficiency occurs when too little of something exists. Typically, this can be too much or too little of things like nutrition/biochemistry, exercise, and/or negative thoughts and feelings. Of course, too much of a ‘good’ thing can also be a problem. For example, those who do not get enough sleep will eventually experience general fatigue which could affect their health.

The fact is that, everyone, at one time or another, experiences some illness that suggests that their system is imbalanced either by toxicity or by deficiency. To improve odds at averting these occurrences, it is necessary to create a self-care maintenance health program that fosters a ‘whole’ or holistic balance in the bio-chemical, structural and emotional systems of the body. Good health is basically the balance between these three sides of the health triad. Dr. Gertler has regularly suggested to patients that a periodic detoxification program is a great way to re-establish and maintain this good health balance while reminding patients that detoxification doesn’t mean some rigorous and depleting process that leaves you starved and exhausted. The Center for Holistic Health uses a method that is much easier than that. Dr. Gertler describes this method below.

“I advise a specific line of homeopathic remedies from Apex Energetics that includes both detoxification and drainage substances. The reason for this combined approach is that it provides the most effective and gentlest means by which the body and its’ organs can relieve themselves of the impurities,” says Dr. Gertler.

“Detoxification means dislodging the toxin from its hold over the cells in the tissues and organs. Yet, it is best for the patient if the body releases the toxins easily and without stress. For this to happen, the body must provide a good drainage system for the elimination process. Without it, many folks experience difficulty in the detoxing phase and become ill,” adds Dr. Gertler.

Dr. Gertler refers to this illness as a ‘healing crisis’ and explains that the body releases too many toxins at one time and the body’s routes of elimination cannot process the toxins fast enough. The body’s routes of elimination are a combination of organs and organ systems and collectively dubbed the seven routes of elimination. They are the liver, lungs, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin, blood and bowel or colon. Consequently, it has to manifest sickness – flu symptoms, fever and the like – in order to process the toxins out of the body. There is definitely an easier way, according to Dr. Gertler.

Dr. Gertler’s solution to preempting this discomfort is to add what he calls adequate drainage to the detoxification process. Drainage therapy is used to open up the elimination routes so that they can adequately remove the dislodged toxins from the body just as fast as they are being released during the detoxification process. In this way, the body is not overwhelmed and there is not the necessity for a healing crisis. With the Apex Energetics remedies, gentle drainage of multiple organs can occur at the same time. Ingredients and potencies are selected for their deliberate gentle actions.

Drainage therapy usually takes place just prior to beginning the detox – about one or two weeks before, according to Dr. Gertler. In this way, the body prepares itself for the cleansing and will respond without stress. However, some people only implement drainage therapy simultaneously with the detoxification process. Dr. Gertler works with his patients to determine which of these protocols works best, and continues to monitor their progress as the detoxification regime continues.

About: For information on benefiting from a gentle detoxification and drainage therapy, can contact Dr. Gertler for a free 30 minute consultation at the Center for Holistic Health, (510)-652-2302.


Dr. Larry Gertler
Center for Holistic Health