San Francisco Marketing Expert, KI Marketing Intl., Releases Guide on Product Launching

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — San Francisco’s product launch partner, KI Marketing Intl., recently released the e-book “The Product Launch Success Plan Checklist,” a step-by-step guide on how to launch a product. The e-book is currently available at or the products page of the company’s website at

“The Product Launch Success Plan Checklist’ is a simple tool with valuable information, resources and tips that will guide you on how to get closer to launching your products and seeing them on retail shelves and online stores,” Karla Ilarde, the founder and president of KI Marketing Intl., said. “If you’re just planning to launch a product or you currently have a product in the market but you’re not quite sure if you’ve taken the proper steps, this checklist is just what you need.”

The checklist has five parts that tackle the steps of launching and marketing a product:

1)    Product development discusses market research, patenting, prototyping, testing and compliance, and license or manufacture

2)    Planning is about pricing matrix, channel selection, distribution strategy, funding and partnerships

3)    Production tackles factory selection (domestic or overseas), sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing and fulfillment

4)    Marketing talks about branding and positioning, packaging/presentation, advertising and promotions, publicity, and online marketing

5)    Sales and distribution goes over the aspects of sales and distribution, sales support/account management, systems/processes/policies/procedures, accounting/accounts receivable, and client management

”There is a lot of valuable information on the Internet and in bookstores about how to launch a product, but I’ve found that the information can be overwhelming, especially for inventors and entrepreneurs who are just starting. This checklist is designed so you can understand and go through the product launch process using easily digestible information,” Ilarde said. “First you get an overview of the entire process, and then you take one action step at a time.”

For more information about “The Product Launch Success Plan Checklist” or any of KI Marketing Intl.’s services, call 323-270-8601, or view the company on the Web at KI Marketing Intl. is located at 3043 Fernside Blvd. in Alameda.

About KI Marketing Intl.

KI Marketing Intl. not only provides services on marketing a product and how to launch a product, but also assists with retailing plans, product development, brand strategy, creative services, and sales representation and distribution. It will also perform sourcing services for entrepreneurs in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas who are seeking a China manufacturer or an overseas manufacturing partner for their products. Karla Ilarde, KI Marketing Intl.’s founder and president, has more than 20 years of experience working in sales and marketing in the consumer-products industry.


Karla Llarde