San Francisco Product Marketing Expert, KI Marketing Intl., Releases Free Resource Kit

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — KI Marketing Intl., a product launch company that aids in marketing a product for San Francisco and Los Angeles clients, is encouraging entrepreneurs to utilize its free resource kit, “Keys to Mass Retail Success.” The kit includes an audio MP3, an insider’s report and a mini e-course.

“We’ll also give you a free subscription to our eZine, where we will send you more tips and advice on how to grow your brand in a big way,” Karla Ilarde of KI Marketing Intl. said.

The resource kit also uncovers insider secrets that are meant to prepare the client for retail; tips on finding a reliable and trustworthy manufacturing partner, including China manufacturers; and how to apply exercises that will help a product become well-positioned for mass success.

For any business, key factors that determine the success or downfall is marketing a product and how the product connects consumers in such a way that it will impact them, making a memorable impression. KI Marketing Intl. understands the importance of such steps, which is why it is featuring this free resource kit to give small businesses and entrepreneurs an introduction to the business and trading world.

“As your partner, we will work with you in a collaborative effort to support you in planning, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing products that you love and care about, and hopefully purposeful products that make a difference and assist in the transformation of people’s lives, communities and our planet,” Ilarde said.

For more information about the free resource kit or any services offered by KI Marketing Intl., call 323-400-4752 or view the company on the Web at

About KI Marketing Intl.

KI Marketing Intl. not only provides services on marketing and launching a product but also assists with retailing plans, product development, brand strategy, creative services, and sales representation and distribution. It will also perform sourcing services for entrepreneurs in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas who are seeking a China manufacturer or an overseas manufacturing partner for their products. Karla Ilarde, KI Marketing Intl.’s founder and president, has more than 20 years of experience working in sales and marketing in the consumer products industry.


Karla Llarde