San Francisco/Oakland Rock Band Angels of Vice Release “We are the 99″ Anthem Worldwide

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Angels of Vice WE ARE THE 99

The hard rocking and hard playing members of Angels of Vice have just released their new single “We are the 99”.

Recent events in their hometown of Oakland/San Francisco, California inspired their participation with the 99 percent in the occupy movements playing out in their city, across the country, and around the world. Buoyed by the optimism of these fresh ideas AOV felt they wanted to contribute the only way they knew how, through music.

A gritty, hard rock anthem, “We are the 99” is the first song from AOV’s eponymous forthcoming album.

AOV brings back the playful but hard-edged grooves and verses of hard rock to our alternative generation. Song Revelation says, “ Angel of Vice’s high octane, commercial sound will leave everyone in a gig wanting more.” Blending AOV’s sound with the idea that the music business mirrors the economic realities of today, AOV found the great inspiration that resulted in “We are the 99”.

OV is a part of the Bay Area and as such believes they owe their hometown for harboring them. A portion of the proceeds from this single will be used to help small businesses negatively impacted as a result of police and protester actions over the past few months.

AOV is in the process of producing a music video for “We are the 99” and booking a tour. Please help spread this song and keep the voice of the 99 percent alive.

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Lisa Mongelli