San Francisco’s KGB Kiteboarding Now Teaches Six-hour Comprehensive Kiteboarding Lesson

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — As an IKO center, San Francisco’s KGB Kiteboarding’s goal is to produce safe and independent kiteboarders. By combining its progressive level I, II and III lesson plans over one or two days, KGB Kiteboarding is offering to help students be up and kiteboarding or kitesurfing in as little as six hours, and for an affordable price. Students will be learning about the kiteboarding gear at the start of the lesson. After getting to know each other, the trainer and the student will start by getting on safety gear and a waist harness and then prepare to fly a four-line inflatable kite.

“At the end of this lesson, most students are ready to get all the kiting gear needed to start practicing independently. Some students do however desire or require further instruction,” Royce Vaughn of KGB Kiteboarding said.

During level I, the student will learn about the IKO; how safe, easy and fun learning kiteboarding is; how to inflate and set up a four-line kite; how to lay out and walk the lines; how to rig a kite; how to use all safety systems; basic kiteboarding wind theory; site and safety awareness; beach/launch site etiquette; how to perform an assisted launch and landing; proper piloting techniques; one-handed piloting; and on-land self rescuing/kite recovery technique. During level II, students will learn how to set up their own board for riding; drift launching; how to relaunch the kite in water; three different body-dragging techniques; how to get up on the board; on-water self rescuing; rules of the road; wind/weather effects; and the necessary gear. For level III, students will learn to perfect kite control skills; how to get up and ride in both directions; board stance and upwind edging techniques; on-water kite recovery and self rescue techniques; advanced piloting techniques; turning or transitions; how to stow a gear; and what and where to practice next.

At the end of the kiteboarding lessons, KGB Kiteboarding in San Francisco ensures that the students know what kiteboarding kites and kiteboarding gear is necessary to start practicing independently. For students who require further instructions, KGB Kiteboarding recommends additional to learn how to kiteboard.

“Proper instruction and continuing to practice soon thereafter are vital when learning this sport,” Vaughn said.

Start times for the six-hour lessons at 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Lessons must be completed in one or two days. Students are encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled lesson start time. All six-hour students will receive a $150 KGB credit toward the purchase of a complete new gear package.

For more information about the upcoming free demonstration or any of KGB Kiteboarding’s products or services, call 888-411-0732, view kiteboarding school on the Web at or visit 3310 Powell St. in Emeryville.

About KGB Kiteboarding

KGB Kiteboarding is the San Francisco Bay Area’s kiteboarding headquarters that offers everything to learn to kiteboard. It is the best source of everything kiteboarding, from enrolling for lessons to buying gear and repairing accessories. Not only is it the best shop for kiteboarding, but it also teaches snowkiting and powerkiting.


Royce Vaughn